What is a soup?

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RE: What is a soup? 2004/03/02 06:59:30 (permalink)
I think the Soup forum is very much needed and welcome. Most food-related boards on the internet sadly neglect soups as a serious topic of discussion, rather dismissing them as only a haven for leftovers. The only other place I have seen soups taken seriously was on Molto Mario, on which Mario said that soups are seldom served in his restaurants because they are too difficult to make. I happen to disagree with his contention, but it was nice to see soups taken seriously for once.

My particular interest is in trying to re-create "soups I have known." As you can see from my posting under "Turnip Soup," I sometimes have limited success. I like to try new things, too, but at my age (72)food nostalgia becomes a big thing. It's also a great way to teach my granddaughter the basics, as well as passing on a heritage.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/16 21:30:33 (permalink)
Black bean soup is my favorite. I make it in the crockpot with cooked black beans, lots of garlic, tomatoes, ground beef or stew beef, and onions. Add cilantro and sour cream before serving. Yum.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/16 23:28:03 (permalink)
I love soup, although I must admit to eating them less in the summer. Some of my favorites are hot and sour, chicken, gumbo,vegatable with chicken or beef, french onion, I could go on and on. My Mom who is 90 still makes soup for us all the time. Just had some of her cabbage soup (with chunks of meat) tonight.

One thing I had recently at a new BBQ restaurant here which I jokingly called cajun soup was their excuse for gumbo. Not thick, no sign or taste of rouxe, no rice, just a thin chicken and vegetable broth with chunks of veggies, some okra, pieces of chicken, and none of the andouille sausage mentioned in the menu description. I considered sending it back, but it was a good soup - just not a gumbo.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/18 12:41:25 (permalink)
I like to make what we call " Garden Vegi soup" in the summertime.
I use fresh overripe tomatos, okra, corn, onion, cabbage and any other fresh vegis I can get my hands on. During the winter, I also make it, but have to rely on canned tomatos and frozen vegetables.
I like it any season though. I call soup comfort food for sure.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/18 17:42:42 (permalink)
Originally posted by berndog

I love soup, although I must admit to eating them less in the summer. .

There are some lovely chilled soups that make great summer eating .... vichysoisse, gazpacho, green pea and mint ... mmm !
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/19 03:23:10 (permalink)
Under the cold soup category don't forget cold cucumber soup and strawberry soup topped with a dollop of creme fraiche and a good dose of champagne! Makes a nice, cool, elegant appetizer.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/05/19 06:26:53 (permalink)
The single best thing I have ever tasted was a soup. Butternut squash and bacon bisque to be exact... the moment I tasted it at the SF Ritz Carlton Dining Room I realized that was the last thing I wanted to taste right before I died... it was heaven on a soup spoon.
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RE: What is a soup? 2004/06/05 12:20:12 (permalink)
Originally posted by pogophiles

I've found myself favoring Bok Choy in soups these days. Pretty much every weekend this winter I've found myself making chicken stock and using the dark meat for soup along with garlic, ginger, carmelized onions (I do them in a crockpot), shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, nam plan, white wine, and sambal oelek... Add a shot of sriracha to your bowl and you're good to go...

Pogophiles, that sounds really good. Do you (or anyone else reading)have a recipe you could post for the crockpot caramelized onions?

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