What was in my purse/pocketbook?

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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/06/21 14:36:59 (permalink)
I can sympathize about the cost of replacing driver's license, etc.  It costs 30 dollars in Ct.  My lovely dog decided to chew on my credit cards, driver's license, gun permit, (free to replace, go figure), and all the wimpy cards for shopping discounts.  Credit cards were free, but still a hassle.  My Costco card went IN to the gas pump, but wouldn't come out because of the teeth marks.  That was fun. I still love my dog, but the purse stays away from the floor. 
   I was upset, but I could have had it a lot worse. 
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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/06/21 17:38:56 (permalink)
No biscuits for your dog.  I'd like to borrow your gun permit for the thieves that stole mine.
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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/06/23 10:14:15 (permalink)
This all reminds me of something that happened to me.  Two things.
Several years ago while driving from Los Angeles to the Twin Cities I stopped in St George, Utah to eat.  I had to make a phone call so I pulled out my wallet at the pay phone (not a booth, just a wall hanging pay phone with a small shelf under it) to get the number I needed.  After making the call I left the restaurant and started driving again.
Several hours later I stopped for gas and a soda, and discovered that I didn't have my wallet in my back pocket.  I went to a pay phone and called information to get the number for the place I'd stopped at in St George, and they told me that the wallet had been found and they had turned it over to a policeman that was eating when the wallet was found.
I called the police department and yep, they had my wallet.  They mailed it (complete with everything in it) to the address I was on my way to visit, two days later it arrived and my trip was saved.
Yeah.  There ARE some good people in the world.
Now, picture THIS one.  A few years ago I owned a one car Limo Service in the Los Angeles area, it was a week before Christmas and I hadn't done my shopping yet.  I was sitting at LAX waiting for a client, and I was parked in the Limo Staging (waiting) area, waiting for the client to call and tell me he was waiting outside the arrivals area.  I had on my coat and tie, full Limo clothing, but took off my coat while waiting.  For some reason I had pulled my wallet out of my coat and after finding what I needed, I just lay my wallet on top of my coat in the front seat.
Quite some time later my client called and I stepped out of the car to put on my coat, then drove up to where he was waiting.  I drove him to Redondo Beach to his hotel, and when he gave me a large bill I reached for my wallet and it wasn't there.  Thinking back I realized I must have dropped it back at the airport when I had gotten out and put my coat on.  I went back to that area and searched every trash can and littler can I could see and find.  It never DID show up.  All my cards, and well over $700 gone.
I spent the next two days calling credit card companies, but the cards never showed up.
I started thinking that because I was making so much money (at that time) God wanted me to loose my wallet so some poor Limo Driver that didn't have anywhere near as much as I had would be able to pay his rent and not get evicted that close to Christmas.
Well, it helped with my loss, but I never got the wallet, cards or money back.
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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/06/23 20:36:41 (permalink)
I park outside and the paint around both door handles is all scratched up from the dirtbags who check for unlocked doors on a nightly basis. I've thought about attaching some nice new razor blades under there but i'm afraid i'd forget and cut myself! 
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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/06/23 21:32:03 (permalink)
If they got your key ring better re-key the locks to your home and vehicle because they now know where you live.  Sorry for what happened, and I hope the thief or thieves are somehow caught!
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Ort. Carlton.
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Re:What was in my purse/pocketbook? 2011/07/28 16:39:16 (permalink)
   If I had one, I'd carry an anvil in it.
   Well, if I didn't, who would?
      Wholeheartedly AND HEAVILY Burdened, Ort.
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