What's new in Richmond, VA?

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Double Cheeseburger
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Re:What's new in Richmond, VA? 2013/07/30 13:44:10 (permalink)
NascarDad -
Thanks for the regular updates on the Richmond area.  Janet and I get down there several times per year, so the updates are very useful and appreciated.   Unfortunately, we're up in the northern part of the state ... "NoVA" ... in the nasty DC suburbs.    Or, as our friends form other parts of VA like to call it, ... "NOT-VA" !
Anyway, we agree about Hogshad cafe.  As you said, their best items are not the BBQ (though still good), but other items, including some of their sides and desserts.  Their lime-ade is also super delicious.    The new Buzz & Ned's location is also very good.  It seems about as good as the original.  ... Just with a fancier setting.     
Keep up the updates.   Much appreciated!
Glenn & Janet
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Re:What's new in Richmond, VA? 2013/08/20 08:22:58 (permalink)
Keep up the updates.   Much appreciated!

Glenn & Janet

Thanks :) I should also note about Hogshead that their Cherry Limeade may be even better than their regular limeade.   I have yet to have a Hog-ade, which is the alcoholic version of the limeade :)
Their smoked brisket , when they have it, is quite good, and you can ask for it from the "wet end" or the "dry end" depending on your preference.  I would rate it as the best of their traditional "bbq" items.
TJ Jackson
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Re:What's new in Richmond, VA? 2014/08/02 17:24:27 (permalink)
Best meal of my trip to VA Beach and back was at a fairly small and apparently not well known neighborhood italian joint called Bella Luna
My review on Urbanspoon is under "PollysArepaWagon"
copied here for ease of reference
As others have said, this place is very well hidden from the eye, in an older shopping plaza that as seen better days, with multiple businesses on the fringes of the huge parking lot blocking one's view from the street. It is hard to find unless you are specifically looking for it, but you SHOULD definitely be looking for it. My family and I stopped here on our way back to Cincinnati from the VA Beach area, and this was the very best meal of the trip. If we had a place like this in Cincinnati (we don't) we'd be regulars, and if you live near this place, you should be.

Now onto the specifics. This is a very understated casual red sauce italian joint with all the basic pizza, pasta, salad, and hoagie/grinder options one would expect to find in such a place; but their menu is a little more ambitious than the typical, including such items as a seafood risotto, various preparations of veal, and a lobster ravioli (to name but a few) The portions are generous and the prices quite reasonable - in general a dollar or two less than a typical chain like Olive Garden or Carrabba's for the same or similar dish. If that weren't good enough, they have a coupon online for $5 dollars off a $25.00 purchase.

And the food - so good. My pickier than picky youngest daughter loved her spaghetti and meatballs. Her older sister gobbled up her porcini ravioli in mere minutes, and didn't allow me or her mom to even sample a bite. My wife got the special of the lasagna and salad for under 9 dollars, and it was really, really good. My own choice was the sausage and peppers parmigiana hoagie/grinder and it was the very best (and arguably most well stuffed) version of this sandwich I have ever had, and for only 7 bucks. Even the small touches were a step above the norm - the complimentary bread service was an warm thinly sliced italian bread that we couldn't get enough of; and even though they had those typical parm shakers available, the stuff in the shakers was not the hard dry stuff often found in a green can, it was finely grated real parm. Let me add that I was so impressed with the food that I ordered a calzone to go for a late night snack and it was fantastic hours later even cold

We do not drink but they do appear to have beer, wine and an assortment of cocktails available, as well as espresso

We were in on a Tuesday night and including us, only three tables of perhaps a dozen and a half tables were occupied, although a few carryouts were picked up while we were there. Honestly, just on quality of food and value alone, this place should be packed every night.

I give this place my strongest possible recommendation. Go soon, go often.

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