When to complain?

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2006/05/13 10:06:49 (permalink)

When to complain?

Suds and I travelled for lunch yesterday, try a restauant we had heard good things about. I ordered a daily special, Lobsta Scampi, which had the worst lobsta I've ever eaten; flavorless and like eating rubber! I usually don't complain; I just don't go back, but, having heard good things about this place, I did. They took the dish back to the kitchen for the cook to try and he got on the phone with his supplier. They picked up our tab and we left a heafty tip. We were really impressed with how they handled it. Too often restaurant owners/ managers take offense when a patron complains, which is why we usually don't bother...I am curious to hear from the pros here, wether or not they really welcome complaints?

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    RE: When to complain? 2006/05/13 10:32:51 (permalink)
    I alway's welcome (well that maybe a little strong) a complaint. I send stuff out wanting you to enjoy. If your not and the quality ain't up to par I want to know why. However I'm not a restaurant owner though I sometimes do my own concessions. I'm just a cook who wants to put out something I myself would find delicious and memorable. After all memories are what keeps you coming back. Stuff slips through the cracks and you can't fix it till you know about it.
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    RE: When to complain? 2006/05/13 12:00:12 (permalink)
    Do I welcome complaints? NO.

    Do I need to hear complaints? YES!!!!!

    Rule of thumb: A satisfied customer tells one other person. A dissatisfied customer on average tells 10 other people about the complaint.

    Remember that the chains have dummied down food preparation so that almost anyon can walk in and start preparing immediately. This is why so many chsins have only so-so quality but always are consistent on that quality.

    Roadfood restaurants however (& I hope my restaurant is considered as such) are doing as much homemade food as possible. Not everyone can produce the same high quality with homemade food. Example: my mom makes our pies and can do an 8-egg white meringue for a pie. My meringue making frankly sucks. Guess who makes the pies now?

    Restaurants survive on return customers. Your satisfaction is what brings you back to a restaurant. PLEASE let us know if you are dissatisfied, the sooner the better. We can't fix it if we don't know it's broke.

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    RE: When to complain? 2006/05/13 18:11:37 (permalink)
    I bet that the Cook had to know the Lobsta was going bad and He tried to push it off on you ,Hence the no fussing.
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    RE: When to complain? 2006/05/13 20:38:51 (permalink)
    Jellybear, I would hope you are wrong;Lobsta Scampi is hard to cook as the lobsta is pre-cooked and cooked again. I suspect it was frozen lobsta AND over-cooked. Anyway, I appreciate how they handled the situation, as I am usually uncomfortable complaining and we'll try there agin. If I do die of food-poisoning, Suds will post for your Atty's number!
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