Where did you eat this summer?

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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/05 03:46:18 (permalink)

God, Santa!

(hope you're doing well, Bill)

Thanks, Nancy. So far its under control with pills/exercise and that dirty word, diet. Sweets are out and I have to watch carbs closely but I can live with that, most any place other than fast-food has something I can eat.

Be careful, but...I've been a type 2 for over 8 years,under control(almost normal) with medication...and you can eat anything, if done wisely and in obvious moderation....and I go to the diebetes doctor every three months...doesn't mean you have to give up things forever, al all!!.......be sure you see a specialist who knows what he's talking about...and check your sugar regularly......
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/05 09:09:43 (permalink)
Just a quick check without getting into specific restaurants I have so far this year eaten in these states and district:
Washington, DC
New Mexico
Will definitely soon be adding Texas, Louisiana and Florida to the list and the several states to and from Minnesota.
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/05 11:54:26 (permalink)

I came back from vacation in Rome NY. While I was there, I had a friday fish fry at the Polish home in Rome, BBQ pork and black raspberry ice cream at Voss's in Whitesboro,
cider donuts at the Fly Creek Cider Mill, strawberry ice cream soda at the Soda Shoppe in Remsen, buffalo wings in Sylvan Beach at the Inn on the Dock, fried dough at the West Rome drive in, ribs at the Dinosaur bbq, open faced hot turkey sandwich at the Little Gem diner, and pepperettes fron Liehs and Steigerwalds meat market in Syracuse

How is the Little Gem now? I haven't been since it's been under the new ownership and renovated. I had stopped going there a few years ago because the food got so bad. I work a few blocks away and was thinking about some diner food tomorrow morning.
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/05 14:21:11 (permalink)
So far this summer: Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. I'm hoping to slip down to Maryland, but first I have to make certain Chewingthefat's off that day.
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/05 14:35:23 (permalink)
Crabby's Seafood Buffet in Wisconsin Dells...just this week actually.
Gimmicky place that advertised a "pirate show"...don't bother just for that.  The buffet was okay..if you like alot of deep fried items.. it did also feature crawfish and peel and eat shrimp and smoked salmon and (gag) sushi.  My husband had their special all you can eat crab legs for $49.99.  They were actually excellent according to him.  the waitress brought out huge platters and he happily cracked his way through them until he filled two buckets with shells.  They actually did look really good.  If you like crab legs and you're in Wisconsin Dells with a large appetite, it might be worth your while...if you want a buffet....go to Ponderosa or Pizza Ranch instead.
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/06 12:21:32 (permalink)
This summer's travel allowed me to take five places off of my very long "short list" of places to eat.
First was L.C.'s BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri
Second was Stroud's in Fairway, Kansas
Third was Main Street Cafe, Durham, Kansas
Fourth was Seventeenth Street BBQ, Marion, Illinois
Fifth was Fritz's Chili  in Overland Park, Kansas
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/06 12:59:28 (permalink)
Portillo's in Chicago, Illinois
As did Milt-7th St. BBQ in Marion, Illinois
Ted Drewes in St. Louis, Missouri
Al and Janet Bowen's home in Lanesville, Indiana
Huber Family Farm in Borden, Indiana
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/17 18:23:15 (permalink)
2 different Ted's in Buffalo
Charlie the  Butcher
Andersens Custard
Abbots Custard
Was a pretty good trip , I also hit a really good neighborhood Italian place that surely would count as roadfood in Buffalo called LaBella Sicilia
Also hit Dutch Kitchen in Fracksville, which was ok.
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Re:Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/17 19:39:06 (permalink)

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RE: Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/28 04:23:14 (permalink)

Central Texas: City Market, Luling; Black's, Lockhart; Kreutz, Lockhart- all excellent for Q as usual; Monument Cafe, Georgetown (CFS).

Between here and there: Vencik's Smokehouse, East Bernard: sausages and kolaches, worth a 120 mile round trip from Houston to stock up on sausages. Ruthie's, Navasota: brisket, sausage (Elgin hot guts), mutton ribs, this place is okay but not worth a 150 mile round trip from Houston. Consider it if you're visiting in nearby Bryan-College Station or touring Blue Bell at Brenham.

Fort Worth: Massey's for CFS - I don't know if this is the gold standard for CFS but it was awfully good and I loved the cute young waitress calling me 'hon.' Kincaid's - the burger; everything it's cracked up to be plus awesome onion rings (I've never had onion rings that cruncky and I liked 'em). Steak and Shake in Grapevine - original double and shake - excellent burger. I missed Babe's in Roanoke for fried chicken because it's closed on Monday.

Oklahoma: Johnnie's Grill, El Reno for excellent onion fried burger and coney island with sweet slaw.

Galveston: Leon's World's Finest In and Out BBQ - brisket, 'young and tender ribs,' 'Leon's special stepped-up rice,' - all excellent -this is the best bbq on the island and one of the best of the East Texas/Southern Black style of bbq. Benno's on the Beach - good Gulf Coast counter service seafood joint on Seawall Blvd overlooking the surf. Roger's Malt Shoppe (Dickinson) - so-so 50s burgers in a place that needed cleaning.

Closer to home, right here in Houston I made my first visits ever to Pig Stand # 7 for the CFS and pig sandwich. Great CFS but I wasn't that impressed with the pig sandwich. I've been hitting a lot of other local road food places recently with camera and notepad getting ready to post some reviews (I hope).

Many of the places you mention are on my list of places to check out... 
I'm making my list, and checking it twice
My name ain't Santa & bbq reindeer is nice 
eating on the backroads is a roll of the dice
Texas women are a favorite & so is their bbq spice 
I've been writing down a list of some of the more interesting places to eat that I see spotlighted on popular TV shows...and there sure are a lot in Texas...and a roadtrip down there during winter is a possibility...
Another Idea I had is a BBQ expedition via Amtrak...maybe the California Zephyr (Amtrak version) from the SF Bay Area to Chicago...???
Anyway, places I've eaten at this summer include:
Jimmy's Roadhouse 70, Portola, Plumas County, California...I had the French Dip last week...
Paco's Tacos, Laytonville, Mendocino County, California...
Taqueria Bravo, Willits, Mendocino County, California...
Lumberjacks, Willits, Mendocino County, California...(Negative Review)
Western Pacific Depot Cafe, Oroville, Butte County, California...
Puerto Vallarta, Calistoga, Napa County, California
Samoa Cookhouse, Samoa, Humboldt County, California
Ruby's, Redding, Shasta County, California
Broiler Steakhouse, Ukiah, Mendocino County, California
Lena's, Portola, Plumas County, California...
Gold City, Oroville, Butte County, California...
And the 2011 summer isn't over yet...still more places to visit & eat...
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RE: Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/28 21:12:47 (permalink)
My total travel has gone way down this year.
I only got to:
West Virginia
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RE: Where did you eat this summer? 2011/08/30 17:19:37 (permalink)
I was in 10 different states this summer and ate at a ton of places but by far the best was Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, NM for the green chile cheeseburger. 
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RE: Where did you eat this summer? 2011/09/01 18:00:46 (permalink)
Cape Cod in July for a week:  Cottage St. Bakery in Orleans (fantastic "dirt bombs")
Red Cottage (in Dennis for breakfast and lunch...off the beaten path, full of locals and long timers.  Home fries for breakfast and Lobster Roll for lunch are favorites)
Chapin's in Dennis for my fried seafood fix.
Great weekend in Saratoga NY to see the ponies! Plus, great BBQ at PJ's on Route 9, and excellent German (who says that anymore?)  at Spa Brauhaus in Ballston Spa.
Close to home:  Sabor Peru (Rutherford, NJ), Colonial Diner (Lyndhurst, NJ), and Sultan Gyro (Lyndhurst, NJ)
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