Where do you get corn for smoking?

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2006/07/01 22:12:40 (permalink)

Where do you get corn for smoking?

Our first event as a BBQ vendor is Monday. We ordered 15 bushels of unshucked corn from Sam's, but there was a misunderstanding, and they ordered "shucked." I don't think we can smoke it shucked and it still be sellable.
I found a local lady who sells local (Oklahoma) corn, and shipped corn. She thinks we should order some of the shipped corn from Georgia and FLorida because our native bushels would be too wormy, inconsistent, etc. She can get us some shipped from Dallas in time. I also have time to go to another local farmer's market and check out the local corn tomorrow. They would have enough.
Does anyone else sell this item in here? Any ideas for this event, and for the future?

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    RE: Where do you get corn for smoking? 2006/07/01 23:03:02 (permalink)
    Why not wrap the ears in foil and poke some holes in the foil.
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    RE: Where do you get corn for smoking? 2006/07/01 23:34:13 (permalink)

    Depends upon where you are located. Around here they're selling fresh corn from GA and FL. In a couple weeks we'll be getting local.
    It's always best to get the freshest most local corn you can find.
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    RE: Where do you get corn for smoking? 2006/07/01 23:50:48 (permalink)
    I am not sure why she thinks the corn coming out of georgia and florida is more suitable for what we are selling, except she said our local farm raised was a little more wormy and inconsistent in size. She sells both, and is making a special order to have to stuff from georgia/florida shipped from Dallas Monday A.M. We will still check out the local corn at a market really close to where she is.
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    RE: Where do you get corn for smoking? 2006/07/03 15:41:00 (permalink)
    it may be because what they are selling in your area is what we called field corn (if i remember right it is called a dent variety) in indiana. the stuff grinds great when dried but is primarily used for cattle feed.
    the corn grown in florida and georgia is primarily eatting corn like silver queen and is higher in sugar content and more uniform in size. i think your supplier is really just trying to help you out.
    by the same token my corn loving florida wife still remembers the roasted ears of fresh field corn at the indiana state fair. the cobs were huge to her and she still gets a fuzzy feeling when she thinks of it.
    hope it helps some but i really do think your supplier is looking after your best interests. wish there were more like them.
    one other thought. do you have a local farmers market in your area??? they can be a great resource for you to use. it helps them,it helps you and it helps your community. opps long day. just saw the local part. excuse me.
    ps. bea if you can get dried corn cobs they make a wonderful smoke. i have done it a few times here in florida but to dry them the cobs have to go into a food dehydrator due to the humidity here. the cob smoke puts a nice mahogany color on pork or chicken with a slighty sweet undertone
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    RE: Where do you get corn for smoking? 2006/07/11 22:22:23 (permalink)
    Fresh is always great but I'm into good taste and fast selling items. What with my BBQ business being made up of meat items that take forever to cook: Pulled Pork 6- 8 hours, Brisket 8-12 hours, finding something as a side that doesn’t take forever to cook is a blessing. I just did the Cornerstone Festival (20,000 camped for 8 days) and some; in fact many ate 3 meals a day with me. I bought all of the frozen corn Walmart had at $4.24 a bag. I put a very good crab boil in a quarter pan, dumped in the corn, and in 20 minutes had steaming hot cobets. When I took the corn out to sell it I hit it with a paintbrush of butter and sprinkled it with my dry rub. We got $1.50 for two and they fit in a hot dog Styrofoam boat perfectly. The boat is 6 cents; the corn cost 19 cents each so we had 44 cents in an item that sold like it was the last ear of corn in the country. I cleaned out the Walmarts in both Springfield and Macomb every day. People raved about it. I laughed my tail off.
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