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2008/03/08 20:00:30 (permalink)

Wine Tasting Expo

I went to the New York Wine Expo today, but I'm not sure what to say. It was at the Javitz Center, cost $85 and you got a wine glass and a chance to sample wines from over 100 vintners. I sort of enjoyed it, but was "over" for me in 1/2 hr. There was a good variety of wine and a few snack and surprisingly I did wind up "spitting out" most after a taste. And it was a good way to try a sip of many varieties and compare. I stuck to white wines, mostly chardonnay and easily saw how differently they tasted.

But it was a bit crowded, even overwhelming. Didn't want to stay too long to see how everyone would be too buzzed.

What has been your experience with wine tastings?

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    RE: Wine Tasting Expo 2008/03/08 20:05:07 (permalink)
    Only went to a few at wineries. Great one here in South Jersey...Renault Winery
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    RE: Wine Tasting Expo 2008/03/09 10:04:02 (permalink)
    I went to one when I was about 23, and did not have the sense to spit out the wine.

    I have a vague memory of trying to start my car with my house key.

    A local wine merchant emails customers weekly about mini wine tastings that are narrowly focused on seasonal or special buys, and I like those when it is a type of wine that I might be interested in buying. (for those in the region, it is Sunset Corners Liquor at Galloway Road & Sunset Drive)

    I read about the NY Wine Expo in a book last year, and sounded overwhelming to the writer, too.
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    RE: Wine Tasting Expo 2008/03/23 12:58:26 (permalink)
    As a regular part of my job, I'm "forced" to go to huge tastings like this. It's impossible to assess the quality of any wine after a while, even if you spit. I invite the wineries I feel have promise to taste with my staff and I at our shop: a quiet setting at a future date, away from the madness.
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    RE: Wine Tasting Expo 2008/03/23 13:17:42 (permalink)
    People show up at wine tastings acting sedate and a bit tentative. By the third glass (and these are usually just small sips) everyone is talking to everyone else, the noise level has risen to rock concert level, every wine tastes better than the last one, and the house is selling a whole lot of wine. I love them...

    A new wine shop in our town holds tastings paired with food they have cooked every Friday afternoon. Just a few wines, and some tasty, usually relatively spicy food, and the crowd usually turns over quite rapidly; so it's a lot quieter and less party-like than some wine tastings. Still a nice way to spend fifteen minutes thinking about what we'll have for the weekend menu.

    Cheers, John
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