Woodfired vs the rest

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2006/09/20 19:05:26 (permalink)

Woodfired vs the rest

If I charge you 15.00 for a large pie vs 10.00 for theirs would you pay it? Mine is a perfect crust, crisp and a little charred not burnt, high quality ingredients, you know what I mean. The perfect pie in my woodfired oven

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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/20 19:54:10 (permalink)
    I don't really know. You got a place in MY area?
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/20 20:15:31 (permalink)
    A good pizza is worth the 15.00 cost. There is nothing more disappointing then shelling out hard earned bucks for sub par pizza. Living in Arizona I have learned the hard way !
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 06:33:37 (permalink)
    I'd sure pay it, I've had a total of one pizza in my entire lifetime cooked in a woodfire over, while I was traveling through some distant state, it was delicious.

    Arizona must have some really substandard pizza joints.

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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 14:08:20 (permalink)
    Love the woodfired pizza..
    You get what you pay for IMHO...
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 14:18:29 (permalink)
    I pay $20.00 including tipping the driver for good pizza here.
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 14:23:54 (permalink)
    Woodfired and quility ingredients, $15 sounds like a deal to me!
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 14:53:19 (permalink)
    I would pay extra for woodfired - but I don't think you can deliver it. I think it is too ephermal and delicate for that - I also think you really can't deliver good thin crust New York style pizza - you have to eat while it's so hot it's burning your mouth as you are eating..which is impossible to get delivered unless you live in New York next door to pizzeria.

    Also, I worked my way through college working as a pizza chef with a woodfired pizza oven imported 'bick by brick" (as the boss used to say) from Italy.
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 16:24:04 (permalink)

    I give it a wholehearted, maybe and sure why not? Who is your competition that is charging $10.00? Are you competing against a chain? Where are you located? Are you claiming that your pie is a N.Y. style?
    It would help here if there was a picture of your pie or at least a look at your menu. My mouth is still watering from the pictures of De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies and they aren't using a wood-fired oven. Though it is not mentioned, I am willing to bet that it is a medium pie that is a little over $10., without toppings.

    Frankly, I would be concerned about the quality of a $10.00 pie, though there is a place right down the street offering a $7.99 large, and they are pretty good. But here there seems to be a place every 1/4 mile.
    $15.00 is more than reasonable, but if you say that other places charge $5.00 less, you may have to convince your customers that they are getting something unique. .....But don't start offering brownie bites with dipping sauce...

    I just looked at my Yellow Pages pizza menu guide and for about $15.00, you can get a large 18" pie with over 4 ingredients, regardless of whether the place is wood fired/brick oven or not. What goes on your pie for that amount and how big is it?

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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 21:51:13 (permalink)
    It's not about the woodfire, although that IS what makes your average Margherita-style pizza start to really shine. We've got the only good place in Frederick called Il Forno which uses a brick oven, wood, etc. Their Margherita is only 11.50$ too (high cost of living area also).

    HOWEVER! I am a Sicilian pizza man, and the only way you need to this is to have a good focaccia bread recipe (WITH PASTA FLOWER, NOT ALL-PURPOSE), crushed tomatoes, thinly sliced onions under the freshly made mozzarella.

    That's it. You can get this EXCELLENT kind of pizza for sure in Wilkkes-Barre PA. I haven't found another place that makes the pizza right, but any REAL Sicilian restaurant will be able to give you real, fresh focaccia bread.
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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/21 23:14:14 (permalink)
    There is a pizza place near me that has a beautiful imported Italian wood burning oven.And he uses quality fresh ingredients.Nonetheless,his pizza,though tasty,is disappointing,and its all because the crust is not crisp.It takes him upwards of 10 minutes to cook a pizza,and this leads me to believe his oven is not hot enough.Ironically,the best pizza shop in the area uses a simple gas conveyor oven and it is ready in about 8 minutes.I have talked to the first guy about this,and he just gets mad and says I know nothing about pizza.

    Now there is another place I go to sometimes,they have a flat double deck oven,might be electric, with a digital display up front that usually reads between 580 and 600 degrees.Now this guy also cooks his pizzas (sorry I dont call them "pies") in about 7-8 minutes.The rim crust is thicker than the other guys',but it gets browner and crisper than the other guys'.Unfortunately the crust away from the rim as it goes toward the center is barely brown and far from crisp.(I also refuse to say "crispy").
    One time I asked the third guy to do the pizza "well done".Didnt work.The whole thing,from rim to center,was tooth-breakingly hard.

    So its just one of the ways I waste my time,trying to find perfectly cooked pizza.I cant make any deductions from the info given,but I can say for sure that its not the type of oven that makes the pizza.I will continue my research.
    But I am put in my place as the guy who went to the Thai restaurant,asked for my entree to be "Thai Hot" and the waiter told me "no,you dont get Thai Hot".Ah well.

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    RE: Woodfired vs the rest 2006/09/22 00:08:50 (permalink)
    Wag.. I guess it depends on the area. Around here 15 bucks buys you a medium pizza (5 topping) for the most part. I pay 18+ dollars for a large from most of the mom and pop shops. After years of miss and miss searching for a decent pie in the area I finally found one. 18 bucks for an Xtra Large.. Then add tax and tip on top of it. Turned out the Xlarge is nothing more then a 16 inch pie, which irked me. But the flavor that brought me back in time made up for it!

    Billfish... I've said this before and I'll say it again. Anyone with a conveyor oven is geared up more for production then the quality of a decent pie. I much more prefer a pie out of a brick oven where they take care and tender your pie during the cooking process. Maybe I'm old school, but I've tried all the above. Never buy a pie off a conveyor again.
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