Woodson & James Hot Dogs

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2012/06/09 21:03:13 (permalink)

Woodson & James Hot Dogs

While shopping at our local supermarket earlier this evening, I was browsing through the hot dogs. They don't offer much in the way of natural casing dogs. Nathan's are only available skinless (that wasn't always the case; I guess the ones with natural casings weren't selling).
I came across a brand I hadn't seen before called Woodson & James. These are Angus beef hot dogs and they were available both with and without casings. I bought a pack of six 2-ounce dogs with natural casings. I broiled them in my toaster oven until they started ripping apart and had them with mustard and New York hot dog sauce (onions in tomato sauce). The first bite really blew me away. The subsequent bites were just as good. This is an outstanding hot dog. It's extremely flavorful. I'll definitely be looking for them again.

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    Re:Woodson & James Hot Dogs 2012/06/10 23:58:30 (permalink)
    Woodson & James = A&P/Waldbaum's/Food Emporium/Pathmark/Superfresh Store Brand.
    You won't find a plant with a sign on it reading "Woodson and James" while driving to a friend's house. I don't know yet who is producing the hot dogs, but it has to be one of the usual suspects, such as Dietz and Watson, Thumann's , Marathon/Sabrett, etc. They all make excellent hot dogs.
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    Re:Woodson & James Hot Dogs 2012/10/04 02:35:52 (permalink)
    They're definitely not Nathan's, Dietz & Watson, or Boar's Head natural casings, cause those three brands are vastly inferior. I'd love to know the manufacturer, cause they're the best hot dogs I've ever had. I've never tasted their skinless, BTW.  I grill them in a skillet, BTW2.
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    Re:Woodson & James Hot Dogs 2012/10/04 05:59:54 (permalink)
    I had these last month. I still have 2 in my freezer. Forgot to post about them here.
    Here is my post from August 16th on Hot Dog Nation:

    Today I tried a new hot dog. Woodson & James USDA Choice Angus Beef is a brand new line of premium-quality Angus beef featuring steakhouse-quality meat at affordable supermarket prices. Woodson & James Choice Angus Beef, exclusive to A&P banner stores, replaced the previous beef steak and roast offerings in all A&P, Pathmark, Superfresh, Waldbaum’s and The Food Emporium stores effective May 27. Someone sent me a press release awhile back touting their hot dogs.

    I kept forgetting to look for these franks in the A&P. I rarely shop anyway but today I was in an A&P and saw a sign advertising Woodson & James. I picked up a package of their Angus franks. They are 8/1 all beef and come in skinless or lamb casing. 6 to a .75 lb package. Regularly $4.99 on sale for $3.99. I put one in some water and finished in a skillet. Topped with brown mustard. These were very good and typical of what an Eastern style all beef frank should taste like. Very well balanced and the spices were not overwhelming. Definitely worth checking out if you have access to one of these stores. Good ingredients list including the choice Certified Angus beef. Hickory smoked too. I was wondering who made them. Package just said that they were distributed by OnPoint Inc. of Montvale, N.J.

    I did some checking around and found out that they are made in Troy, N.Y. by Old World Provisions Inc. of Troy, N.Y. by the same company that makes Hembold franks.
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