Woody's Hot Dogs - Hartford, CT

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RE: Woody's Hot Dogs - Hartford, CT 2008/09/24 14:15:56 (permalink)
Thanks!! Glad you got to try Woody's for yourself!! (the mess is half the fun of eating it!!)

I will give Rosco's another shot (now that I'm not pregnant) to see if being pregnant altered my tastebuds any...

Will post my results!

Oh - the baby's name is Violet ;-)
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RE: Woody's Hot Dogs - Hartford, CT 2008/09/25 17:17:15 (permalink)
I tell you, being from New Haven- I am a Hummel's man. However, lately I have been eating Mucke's and Martin Rosol's (both natural casing) boiled with chopped raw onion and spicey mustard and have found Heaven!! As an aside for Conn Dog connosiuers and out of staters alike, Meadow Meats in Middletown is a tremendous old style butcher shop where you can get Hummels, Mucke and Rosols dogs- stop by and take some home!!
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RE: Woody's Hot Dogs - Hartford, CT 2008/09/25 17:32:15 (permalink)
Originally posted by Russ Jackson

Originally posted by smcasey

Originally posted by Luvthemdogs

... which serves the Bogner skinny foot long all beef skinless....

Is what woody's serves too.

I agree, hot dogs are subjective, its all a matter of opinion. I really didn't know there were that many hot dog connoisseurs in the Hartford area. I prefer woody's. I started this thread in hopes that other people would discover a place they hadn't tried or whatever.

Do you own Woody's? And what other places do you like in the area?

She already answered that Question. Read the thread!
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RE: Woody's Hot Dogs - Hartford, CT 2008/09/25 18:20:22 (permalink)
I was surprised not to see Doogie's on the list - I haven't been a little while, but they use a Grote and Weigel natural casing, and I've enjoyed those in the past. I have to agree re Roscoe's - one of the best around, and I love the Dawg House in New Britain, also. Blackie's makes my list, and have to say have not yet tried Capitol Lunch, although it's been on the list for a number of years.
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