Wrigleys gum also gone bad!

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2006/09/18 04:38:16 (permalink)

Wrigleys gum also gone bad!

It's been a few years since I had this gum, but today I had a stick of the Wrigley's peppermint. I thought it had gone bad (old). When I looked at the list of ingredients, it now contains sugar, corn syrup and aspartame. With all the competition from other gum manufacturers today, why in the world are they doing this? Are they nuts? Is aspartame that much cheaper to use than sugar? Ugh!

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 08:46:17 (permalink)
    I wouldnt doubt it!!! (Anything to make it cheaper and more crappy)

    Send them an email and complain (About the best you can do ) You can also scan stores for OLDER packets of the gum before it changed..

    Good luck
    ann peeples
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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 08:54:17 (permalink)
    So many products have substituted corn syrup for sugar-especially gum.That is much cheaper than suger,and easier to store large quantities.Not sure why the aspartame.....
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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 11:20:51 (permalink)
    I've been really irritated at how many gums now contain artificial sweeteners. I can't stand aspartame, it give me the shakes and I don't see why I should go giving all the other artificial sweeteners a try when I like sugar prefectly well.

    The only gum I've been able to buy and chew lately are good old fashioned Chicklets (which are now made in Bolivia or Columbia or something) and Clark's Teaberry gum.

    All the Wrigley's have gone artificial, including Big Red, Doublemint & Spearmint. The artificial sweeteners are supposed to make the flavor last longer.
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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 11:41:30 (permalink)
    Wrigley's chewing gum also no longer has the paper wrapping on the individual sticks of gum, only the foil wrapping. It's just not the same anymore more ways than one.
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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 12:11:15 (permalink)
    The Sugar Subsidy
    Almost all of the sugar produced in Florida is sold in the U.S. at three time the price the rest of the world pays for sugar. Critics say the U.S. government allows the domestic sugar industry to maintain a monopoly. Cheaper sugar produced in poorer countries is kept out.

    If you want to learn more about this, google sugar and/or Dan Miller. Dan Miller was a Republican senator from Florida that tried to correct this wrong. Not only did Big Sugar get his bills defeated, they got him defeated.

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    RE: Wrigleys gum also gone bad! 2006/09/18 16:14:32 (permalink)
    Hello All,
    I am a lover of Juicy Fruit, made by Wrigley's. In the past year they have went through so many changes,
    the latest being "Now Longer Lasting," and it is yellow. I can taste no difference, except that for the past
    year or so, they do not have the rich juicy flavour of years gone by.
    Take Care,
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