Your Favorite Cold Cuts - Boar's Head?

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RE: Your Favorite Cold Cuts - Boar's Head? 2005/07/12 10:44:12 (permalink)
Originally posted by pennypincher

[navy]While living in the NYC area I never opted for Boars Head cold cut etc. products since they were 2nd(IMHO)rate as compared to products made by Forest Pork Store, Morschers, Karl Ehmer etc.. in the Ridgewood NY area.

I love the "baby bologna" from Forest Pork Store. It is milder than most, and I agree it is a cut above Boars Head!
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RE: Your Favorite Cold Cuts - Boar's Head? 2005/08/07 11:30:55 (permalink)
Originally posted by DerangedMetsFan

Originally posted by hotdogger

Boar's Head is my favorite cold cut brand and in the NYC area they seem to have cornered the market. I remember a 'Hansel and Gretel' brand of cold cuts at delis but I don't see them around anymore. The only other brand of cold cuts at delis I can think of is Thumann's.

I believe the Hansel and Gretel brand is still around. I think I see them at Compare Foods. Compare has 14 locations, 5 in Nassau Co. (3 in Freeport, 1 each in Hicksville and Farmingdale), 6 in Suffolk Co. (Two Brentwood, 1 in Farmingville, 1 in Central Islip, 1 in Bay Shore and 1 in Wyandanch), plus two in Bridgeport, CT and one in Providence, RI
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RE: Your Favorite Cold Cuts - Boar's Head? 2006/01/15 16:35:06 (permalink)
I shopped at Albertson's for the first time in some time today. I am a true fan of Publix, but this was just where I was today.

They offer Deitz and Watson brand cold cuts as their premium variety. They also have Jennie-O, which is what I remembered from the last time I was there -- and that was not a happy recollection. I recalled reading about D&W here (or thought I did), and purchased some of their service deli sliced london broil, on sale at $4.99/lb. Usually roast beef -- good roast beef -- goes for $8-9/lb at the supermarket and around $7 at Petty's.

I don't see this as comparable to Boar's Head at all -- or even the locally cooked variety at the gourmet shop. It tastes very salty and has very little "beef" flavor. Am I missing something about this brand? Did I just order their one inferior product? Or, have my tastes just aligned to what I am more familiar -- and should keep ordering the good Boar's Head stuff when I want it?
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