Your Thoughts on Payday.

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Filet Mignon
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RE: Your Thoughts on Payday. 2006/08/12 01:28:41 (permalink)
I find the paydays at most drug stores and bodegas in NYC. I even found a chocolate covered one in a corner store on St. Mark's Place and 2nd Ave. And a whole bin of them at Nice-N-Easy in Cortland, NY. Very tasty. The Honey Roasted Payday is ok. A little too sweet for my taste. Although, I'd take a Pecan Roll from Cracker Barrel or Stuckeys anyday over a Payday.
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RE: Your Thoughts on Payday. 2006/08/20 21:32:00 (permalink)
I've just tried the Peanut Butter Avalanche Payday and it's pretty good but very peanut buttery flavored. I definately love the vanilla avalanche Payday better, almost better than the regular version. What's up with all of these candy bars coming out with six different versions of themselves? I guess companies are just getting more money hungry.
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RE: Your Thoughts on Payday. 2006/08/31 17:06:51 (permalink)
I must confess that I don't buy candybars as much as I used to, but when the desire hits me---it's PayDay. Or Zero, if I happen to come across one.

I love the "sweet and salt" combo of a PayDay bar.
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RE: Your Thoughts on Payday. 2006/09/23 17:53:14 (permalink)
I love, love, love the new peanut butter Payday. I'm sure it will be gone pretty soon since I really like it, though.
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RE: Your Thoughts on Payday. 2006/09/28 02:42:56 (permalink)
OMG I had to throw out the peanut butter payday *vomits* it was nasty
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