"Youse guys"

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Rick F.
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RE: "Youse guys" 2003/12/02 01:57:29 (permalink)
you: Singular
y'all: Plural
Originally posted by howard8

I don't know. Is youse ( I assume plural for you) better than saying "Are y'all ready to order". Of course in this context y'all might be the singular, wherein the plural would be; "Are all y'all ready to order". I still don't know.
But I'm reminded of a sign outside a restaurant in TN. The town had had an influx of northerners who were transferred from a closing-down plant in Michigan. The sign?

Youse guys

Pretty decent food, too, for a place that was just learning to be bilingual!
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RE: "Youse guys" 2003/12/02 14:41:08 (permalink)
I have been working in the restaurant/hospitality industry for over thirty years and I would never consider addressing guests as "guys" or "you guys". A party of women are always "ladies", men are always "gentlemen", and a mixed group are "folks". I never noticed any adverse reaction to servers who referred to customers as "guys", and my only problem with being addressed that way when I'm on the other side of the table is that I'm reminded of the general rudeness and lack of manners in our society as a whole. Guess I'm getting old.
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: "Youse guys" 2003/12/02 22:13:47 (permalink)
The Grill here in Athens, Georgia used to have a fresh-from-Brooklyn waitress, bless her, named Peggy Rooney. "And how are youse'all?" she would say, my apostrophe indicating her sort-of glottal stop. She had by then been in the South for several years.
To this day, the lettuce-y mixture of vegatable crunchies served with burgers is called "slore" there in homage to her pronunciation of the word. I think she's working in a fairly fancy place in Decatur now. I remember her as a really efficient server as well as a mighty fine human being.
And, by the way, I have had the appellation "y'all" used in the singular to address me. I come back with "Am I THAT fat?!?!?", which causes no end of consternation.
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RE: "Youse guys" 2003/12/03 09:40:48 (permalink)
Being from the Midwest, I don't hear "youse guys" around here. On the rare occasions when I've been in the east, it's perfectly fine with me. The trend towards bland, homogonized food also includes destroying other regional quirks such as accents. Roadfooders hate mass conformity!
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RE: "Youse guys" 2003/12/03 10:10:59 (permalink)
Originally posted by Ort. Carlton.

"And how are youse'all?"

Ort - you make me laugh every time, I swear.
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