boneless, skinless thighs

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2007/03/20 13:04:42 (permalink)

boneless, skinless thighs

I recently purchased boneless, skinless thighs for chicken specials in my family style restaurant. We tried grilling, deep frying and a bacon, chicken ranch burger which was the only item to sell well so far. I am interested in learning if anyone else has any ideas about what might make a good lunch or dinner special from this product. This is a small town which is primarily a hamburger town. Nothing else does as well as a hamburger here so far. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance; Bruce A

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    RE: boneless, skinless thighs 2007/03/20 20:02:57 (permalink)
    I like doing those or bs breasts with the onion soup mix. Mix that up with some olive oil and work it all around the chicken, then let it marinate up to overnight in the fridge.

    Pull them out and slap them on the grill. You could also do a jerk, or pretty much any other spice/herb combination you wanted in a similar way.

    Just don't overdo the soup mix if you go that way.
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    RE: boneless, skinless thighs 2007/03/20 23:02:01 (permalink)
    Since you say it's a hamburger type town,if I am eating a hot chicken sandwich, one of my favorites is a grilled chicken thigh with some teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato,slice of onion (optional) on a bun.

    Another option would be a chicken teriyaki bowl, white rice bowl, grilled chicken, some teriyaki sauce on top. keep it simple skip the veggie.
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    RE: boneless, skinless thighs 2007/03/20 23:53:42 (permalink)
    personally i think the skinless part is a sin. but regardless it is simply the best cut of a chicken. i recently did corn cob smoked chicken thighs with a dry rub and a sauce of hot chow chow simmered with balsamic vinegar, garlic, mustard and typical ingredients one might use for a quick homemade bbq sauce.. after they were smoked and crispy i put the bbq sauce on top and let it crisp that up as well.. caramelized the topping quite nice, and thighs never get dry..
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    RE: boneless, skinless thighs 2007/03/31 16:26:24 (permalink)
    One of my favorite uses of chicken thighs is for a sort of galantine. However, this uses the whole leg/thigh section and keeps the skin on.

    This is essentially a de-boned leg/thigh section that is then stuffed with vegetables and rolled, skin side out and seared then finished in the oven.

    It makes a really nice presentation at an extremely low food cost, however the labor it takes to do this drives the cost back up.

    It is one of my favorite "secret" techniques and is particularly ideal for use in the home where, as an entre, you can make a very "fancy" meal very inexpensively ... though is actually a restaurant dish because of the nice presentation.

    If I get the time, I might make a post of the technique, and post it to a thread from a while back that was titled "What is your favorite cooking trick?"

    Other than that, the other things that come to mind for chicken thighs are:

    Chicken Teriyaki
    They had a great segment on America's Test Kitchen on making chicken teriyaki, looked at all the sauces, homemade etc. Thighs were what they recommended.

    Also, some folks prefer dark meat chicken in Jambalaya ... that might be a possibility as well. (see the recent jambalaya thread)

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