bradford house

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2007/11/22 09:20:10 (permalink)

bradford house

does anyone remember a discount retailer called grants it was a regional chain in new york atleast that had a place called the bradford house attached to it,very luncheonette like,they had the creamiest cole slaw and my mom loved it,so she would take us every couple of weeks,I also remember the hot dogs and burgers were huge,another long lost place since the 70's

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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/22 09:54:11 (permalink)
    W T Grants was a national chain of retail stores somewhat like Woolworths and Newberry's. Bradford was the 'house brand' for their own merchendise. There were Bradford Electronics of all types, I even had a Bradford .22 rifle for awhile. Many of the Grants stores had a food counter/lunchonette inside the store. They merged or went out of business sometime in the late '60's or early 70's. In Jeffersonville, IN the Grants store is now a Big-Lots, but the strip mall it is in is still labeled Grant's Plaza.
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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/22 10:03:46 (permalink)
    My wife's first job out of high school before she became a government employee was at Grants. They were in Knoxville and they had a very nice lunch counter with the usual. She did not work at the lunch counter but was in the marketing department.

    I do not recall how many years ago they left Knoxville but it has to be at least 50???

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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/22 10:09:12 (permalink)
    I used to love the Chocolate Ice Cream soda's at the lunch counter in Grants.
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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/22 11:04:24 (permalink)
    There wasa a Grant's in Uptown Elmhurst in the 60's. the kids just called it the dime store. I remember a lunch counter but when we had cash the palce accross the street had the best IB and got it all.
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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/23 13:39:04 (permalink)

    Back when I first moved to NW Florida in 1967, Grant's was one of the "Big 3"
    department stores along with Gibson's & Gaylord's...all three were in Panama
    City with the Grant's store on 15th Street in the Panama Plaza along with A&P
    & SupeRx Drug Store.

    There was also a "Grant City" (smaller version) which opened in nearby Marianna
    in the mid-'70s - when the chain went under, that store converted to a Woolworth.

    As mentioned in another post, Bradford House's "kiddy mascots" were Bucky &
    Becky Bradford - still have one of the hand puppets with a menu printed on it
    & the kids could get 99c meal deals. When the Panama City store closed, a
    local businessman opened 2 or 3 restaurants with the "Bob's Bradford House" name,
    but they only lasted for a few years.
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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/23 14:10:14 (permalink)
    I liked their onion rings. The Grants in my hometown closed a few years after building a huge new store that was the anchor store for a new shopping plaza. It's now a K-Mart, and I have no idea if the cafe part is still in operation. I don't darken K-Mart doors.

    Also in that plaza, the Alpha-beta supermarket is now a Mexican grocery. The Bank of America is now an auto parts store, and the Tastee-Freeze is now a bank.

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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/23 14:20:53 (permalink)
    I remember Grant's very well. I was stationed at Vance AFB in Enid Oklahoma in 1967. I was an A1C and made 85.00 a month base pay. The luch counter in the Grant's there offered an all you can eat fried chicken special on Saturdays. All you could eat for 99 cents. It was a big outing for my small family.
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    RE: bradford house 2007/11/23 20:46:04 (permalink)
    I'm pretty sure I purchased my first color tv at Grants. It was in Atlanta in the mid-seventies and the Grants was large like a k-mart.
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