breakfast popularity, costs, recipes?

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2008/01/06 17:20:45 (permalink)

breakfast popularity, costs, recipes?

Seems like breakfast is a pretty hot subject on Roadfood. Makes sense, if lots of members are in fact on the road. I see lots of topics running to lots of pages. When I can afford to travel, I too like to get started with brekkers. But, right now, I'm confined to home, and home cookin'.
I'm pretty well satisfied with my scrambled eggs, but I wonder if anyone has some inventive concepts there. I'm tossing green onion, roasted serranos, and a little 1/2 & 1/2 in there, then some kind of hot sauce and cheese on top. I do crave spicy. Can't handle plain eggs. On the potato side, I'm fine with frozen tater tots or crinkle cut fries. They are just so easy to do in the oven, any easy ideas about fresh potatoes? As much as I like waffles and pancakes, I seem to be a little lazy about working with the mixes, and spraying the waffle iron, and all that, THEN there is the problem of the maple syrup. I will NOT eat phony maple syrup, and the good stuff is so darned expensive. I don't really like the differentiation in fried or poached eggs, prefer scrambled, so that rules out a lot. Sorry. Let's keep looking at the scramble. On meats, I like really crisp bacon, but again, like the syrup, I'm looking at cost, I want an everyday type budget I can deal with. On breads: I like all types. I find that the "Francisco" brand sourdough is flexible, I can do all kinds of things with that, but it's headed toward $4/loaf. Are there some ideas about easy and cheap homemade breakfast breads out there?
Post here, or directly to me. Thanks everyone!
-Scott Lindgren

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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/06 17:27:43 (permalink)
    Leftovers....shrimp, burger, sausage, chopped up baked potato, tomatoes, etc, etc. you can do a million things with scambled or omlette type eggs. Your imagination and taste should keep you busy.
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/06 19:03:02 (permalink)
    Breakfast is one of my things. I even have a thread here, "Can You Ruin A Breakfast?" I enjoy a good breakfast in a diner or restaurant. At home we cook eggs in a variety of ways. We always have real maple syrup on hand usually from the University of Minnesota's Landscape and Arboretum. They tap their maples every late winter and we snowshoe through the forest of interconnected plastic lines that collect the sap from many of the trees to one central location. When traveling if I see authentic local maple syrup I will usually buy a bottle.
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/07 17:55:47 (permalink)
    Eggs can be mixed with almost anything in the fridge for an interesting switch. I like mixing mine with the immersion blender ala WaffleHouse milkshake machine/eggmixer, I add approx a teaspoon of water per egg and a couple of healthy dashes of hot sauce then mix until the volume almost triples. It makes for a super fluffy scramble or omolet.

    Those oval shaped hashbrowns you get in the freezer section are a nice and easy fallback. I pop them in the micro for 2 minutes to thaw and then in a hot pan with either left over bacon drippings or some melted butter
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/09 03:36:33 (permalink)
    Pick up a tube of Farmer John Firehouse Hot Sausage, fry it off and mix in with 8 eggs while they're scrambling, along with some diced onion and shredded extra sharp cheddar. After dishing it up, top it with some Herdez hot variety chunky salsa (sold in glass jars only, not the little cans) or some Pico Pica hot variety bottled sauce (or both). Grill up some flour tortillas in a little manteca on the comal, and you have my all time favorite breakfast. I get two meals out of a batch of those eggs.
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/09 09:05:08 (permalink)
    Your looking for a cheap and easy bread for breakfast I see.
    Try bakeing your own, can't get any cheaper than that, It's also threaputic.
    Sourdoughs can be a little complex, but once you get the hang of it nothing to it. You can even make your own english muffins from the starter. So much better than any store bought. Then there is allways bisquick, just have biscuits for breakfast, another quick cheap option. Chow Jim
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/09 09:11:48 (permalink)
    A cheap and easy homemade breakfast bread?
    Bisquick for your biscuits or Jiffy for your corn muffins.
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/09 15:38:00 (permalink)
    I make an awesome "fajita" type dinner

    steak, chicken, shrimps, onion, peppers, mushroom - done up on a extremely hot cast iron skillet

    I always make extra. Save it in the fridge.

    Next morning, cut up the leftovers, reheat in skillet, add eggs and scramble them all together

    Cover with some shredded cheese

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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/01/13 04:11:37 (permalink)
    Ah, faboyster just reminded me about corn muffins. I love those, and that is really cheap and easy to deal with. I can throw all kinds of stuff in those guys, too. Blueberries, jalapenos, whatever. Yeah, it does sound like soughdough may be a little too tricky for me at this time in my life, but here's something that really is cheap, easy, and fun! For those of you who have not tried this, look up some recipes for popovers. It's about the simplest bread type deal you can pursue, and they are just great with butter and maybe some kind of preserves. Now, pay attention to what they say about no peeking in the oven while the things are rising, or they will fall. Just have faith, and let them work their magic. It's like souffles, don't mess with them...
    I like what engcapt is saying about that sausage idea, I'm gonna look for that here in LA. I think either flour or corn tortillas would work in that recipe. I think I have seen the Herdez salsa, but what is wrong with just roasting my own serranos? And adding onions of any color. I don't like paying several dollars for a jar of salsa when I can make my own for very little. I like dreamzpainter's idea about the immersion machine. I hear that the Braun unit is a good one. I want that, a nice Kyocera ceramic chef's knife, and Kyocera mandolin. I am pretty sure I can do many things with that immersion unit. I don't like those oval shaped hash brown potatoes, I'll take any kind of "french fry" or tater tot over those. See my comments about tater tots in "side dishes". It's nice that SOME people have access in their neck of the woods (har har) to good maple syrup, but the stuff is a bit pricey in SoCal. I'll just have to search a little harder for the good deals, and get off my booty and work on batters for waffles and pancakes. I do actually have a Hello Kitty mini waffle iron. You get to EAT Hello Kitty. Thanks for all the nice ideas.
    -Scott Lindgren, Los Angeles, 213 219 7160
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    RE: breakfast popularity, costs, recipes? 2008/02/22 14:19:24 (permalink)
    My mother has a good western omelet recipe that uses our "Special Sauce" which is basically a sweet and sour / french dressing type of sauce. Here is the link
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