bun candy bars

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2007/03/06 16:18:42 (permalink)

bun candy bars

I was just wondering does anybody remember bun candy bars (they really looked more like a patty with nuts)I used to love those and I don't remember who made them. Ahh childhood memories.

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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/06 16:24:14 (permalink)
    I don't just remember them, I had one last night. It's my favorite candy bar. I like the maple the best, the vanilla doesn't have much taste. I live in Michigan, where you can still get them. When I lived out of state I never saw them.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/06 16:27:34 (permalink)
    I live in Michigan too. They're widely available here and I too like the Maple ones best.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/06 16:32:56 (permalink)
    The Wayne Bun candy bar was originally made in my town, Fort Wayne, IN. They are available, still, but made by a different national candy company. Do a google search and you can order them from various candy vendors. Just sent my dad a case for Christmas.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/06 22:22:51 (permalink)
    Maple Buns.......mmmmmmmm Unfortunately very hard to find. I was introduced to these delights when I was around 4 years old, by my grandfather Buh. At that time I was suffering the childhood plight of chronic otitis media. I was sent to the specialists @ Pittsburgh Eye and Ear. The treatment at that time was to test for "Food allergies". Well, I ended up being restricted from eating cheese, chicken, red meat, tomatoes, lettuce, peanut butter, wheat products,eggs, dairy,potatoes, rice, corn, barley, chocolate, haddock, cod, crab, shrimp , clams, oysters, tuna and about 25 other foods. I basically lived on oatmeal, flaxseed, pork , green onions and pickles. I was one miserable kid, until I figured out I could sneak over to the neighbors and beg for meals. My Buh was a party to my evil ways and would sneak me Maple buns daily. They were my salvation. The diet went on for about 6 months until another fad treatment came along.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/06 23:17:17 (permalink)
    Try Pearson's Candy Company. They acquired the Bun brand in 1998. Here is the website for them. www.pearsonscandy.com. I think you can order from them or also try ordering from www.favoritesof.com. You can also get other cool old school candies from them as well, like Rocky Road, Goo-Goo Cluster, Valomilks, and Smoothies.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/07 02:17:27 (permalink)
    Interestingly enough, Pearson already had a candy bar virtually identical to the Maple Bun Bar when they bought the company ... the Nut Goodie.

    I asked some fellows who work at Pearson's what the difference is between the bars. He said it was only in the name and packaging. I did a little side by side comparison and found that there some slightly different ingredients but taste very similar. If you're having trouble finding the Bun, you might try the Pearson's Nut Goodie.

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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/07 07:57:28 (permalink)
    Bun candy bars alive and well and available in the Milwaukee area!!!
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/03/07 08:02:04 (permalink)
    Love the vanilla ones and ordered a bunch online a few years ago. Would do it again, but I'm dieting at present.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/04/24 11:01:08 (permalink)
    Interesting to have a separate thread dedicated to BUN candy bars. I have been very active in the Chicago area promoting them and urging more places to carry them. Yes, I can remember when they were nearly everywhere that sold candy. I am trying to get them back into the mainstream with limited success. They were a bigger item when there were more independent retail outlets, and have been harder to find since retail went so heavily corporate. Sometimes I think it would just about take an act of Congress to get corporate concerns interested, although both Walgreen's and Wal-Mart will carry them on occasion. In the past two years I probably have put a thousand wrappers from them in stores in addition to a flier I made which has all three kinds on them. The vanilla and maple varieties are the easiest to find, caramel a bit harder although I found a couple of places that have that one but not the others. Would love to share experiences and wonder if there is anybody else on this forum actively promoting them.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/05/10 02:23:18 (permalink)
    theyre everywhere here in indiana
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/05/10 07:09:29 (permalink)
    They are available in Tampa too.
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    RE: bun candy bars 2007/07/05 11:05:46 (permalink)
    Wow, yes, I remember them. Back in the late 60's and 70's my husband and I would go to Traverse City, MI, to visit his grandmother and that is where I first saw them. Delicious! We used to buy tons and bring them back to NJ. I think they were sold here for a while in NJ back in the 70's but not quite sure. It's been a long time since I had one, but I remember them quite clearly.
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