burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!)

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2008/02/08 08:05:51 (permalink)

burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!)

My GF and I went to see Sweeney Todd tonight with some friends and they suggested we have dinner at burgers & cupcakes before. It's located at 458 9th Avenue (between 35th and 36th Streets). Tel. 212-643-1200. I like that they keep the menu pretty simple (for the most part): burgers, one salad option, cupcakes and drinks. They do have veggie burgers salmon burgers and other desserts. However, they also offer a breakfast menu and a pizza menu which seems to be contradictory to running a good dual themed place, but their stock in trade are the burgers and the cupcakes and that's what they focus on most of the time. I'd been here once and really liked the burger I had. I forgot to take a pic of my "burger" tonight. Duh! I had a lemon grilled chicken "burger". A griled chicken breast with a nice, not too powerful lemon flavor with swiss and grilled onions. It reminded me an awful lot of a sandwich I used to have at this pub back home. This was really juicy, lots of flavor and the pungency of the swiss, sweetness of the onions and the zing of the lemon worked well together. The buns were really good too: slightly toasted to help hold up under the meat, they worked well. I'd definitely make a trip back here.

Here is my Red Velvet cupcake. This was well balanced as the cake was very moist and there was lots of creamy, flavorful cream cheese frosting on top. Sorry I didn't get a shot of a cross section. I bought it to go as we were running late for the movie and I ate it on the go.

The different cupcakes on display. $2.50 for the small and $3.50 for the large. I had a large Red Velvet and it was pretty good: moist, cakey and the frosting was superb. Definitely would get one of those again. I was thinking of getting a chocolate cupcake with PB frosting until I found out that they just spread JIF on it and it wasn't a true "frosting". Also in this mix are vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling, carrot cupcakes and vanilla or chocolate with vanilla buttercream

The menu. The burgers can get pricey as the toppings are $1.00 extra each. Ketchup, mustard, raw onion, tomatoes and lettuce are free.

Some really good onion rings. Curious though, they have a sign in the shop that says they are batter dipped but they tasted and crunched like breaded rings. I think the white flecks may be parmesan cheese. These were no 99 Miles to Philly rings, but they were mighty tasty.

Some cheese fries. Ahh, love' em.

My friend's burger with grilled mushrooms and onions.

My vegeterian friend's portobello "burger" with cheese and onions.

My GF's turkey burger with onions. She wan't crazy about it.


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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/08 08:51:06 (permalink)
    Nice report. Thanks.
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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/08 09:26:12 (permalink)
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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/08 10:30:37 (permalink)
    I'm surprised that Burgers and Cupcakes is still in business. The 23rd Street location opened and closed within a year, I thought the whole business had folded.

    I still am shocked every time I see a new upscale burger joint opening in Manhattan. This is most certainly a fad, and the city cannot possibly sustain a high-end burger joint every 3 blocks...can it?

    Just in the last few years, we've gotten:

    Back 40
    Better Burger NYC
    BLT Burger
    Blue 9
    Burger Joint
    burgers and cupcakes
    Five Guys
    Kool Bloo
    New York Burger Company
    Pop Burger
    Sassy's Sliders
    Shake Shack
    The Twisted Burger
    Zen Burger
    Zip Burger

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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/10 23:23:33 (permalink)
    meanwhile, one of my favorites, American Burger & Co. (32nd st and 6th ave) closed up in Nov!!
    (boo hoo!) freshly made, hand formed charred burgers, great fries, and a self serve soda fountain & sauce area. RIP!

    I went to that 23rd st Chelsea cupcake location, (during it's short tenure) and thought it tasted too sweet..
    and the cake part was too dry. That seems to be a typical issue I'm having with cupcakes lately.
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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/11 00:39:13 (permalink)
    Hey Ellen, I'd not heard good things about that location, but I've always dug this one on 9th Ave.
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    RE: burgers & cupcakes NYC (with pics!) 2008/02/12 19:47:47 (permalink)
    Thanks billyboy for those great pictures! Still plenty of NYC burger joints to visit.
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