burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4

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2007/05/04 23:19:05 (permalink)

burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4

I checked out some burger joints while in Nashville for the Roadfood tour...

First pic is "Fat Mo's" burger, with a handful of locations around the Nashville area. I went to the one on Lebanon Pike, closest to the airport

the burger looked better than it tasted, IMO.
I did'nt think it was terrible, but it did'nt do anything for me, either. My favorite burger all weekend was at the Henpeck Market while on the Roadfood bus tour. Boy, did the meat taste fresh on that one!!

Fat Mo's, on Lebanon Pike, just west of Donelson
"Cheeseburger Charlies" , Nashville........charred burger cooked to order, with a big condiments bar... very caring service there, as well. This place also has a handful of locations around Nashville.
Just order at the counter, and they will call your name when it is ready. (my favorite type of place). Tasty burger.

I went to this location, which was near Vanderbilt University.
(on 21st ave, just off of West End ave)...(even though my receipt has a different address listed for some reason)

Backyard Burgers is part of a regional chain. This location was right around the corner from my motel, by the airport. Right off of Donelson Pike. I even brought my rental car back over an hour late just so I could have a burger before my flight

Backyard Burger hot dog and burger. The burger just had a very average taste to me. I was'nt expecting too much from the hot dog, so I was'nt as disappointed with it

the real winner here for me was the "blackened chicken sandwich"...
I really loved the taste sensations of the chicken with the cole slaw.. and it was served pipin' hot, unlike my burger. (I think that detracted from my burger)

I also did plenty of shopping in Nashville. Here is the outside of the Opry Mills mall (on the site of the former amusement park, Opryland). Right next to the Grand Ol' Opry.

me and a friendly shark outside of the Aquarium "underwater" (not really) restaurant in Opry Mills. (I peeked inside, and it reminded me of a Rainforest Cafe)

I boarded my plane back to Philadelphia. But alas, my dining adventures were not over. When I changed planes in Cleveland, I noticed a Jody Maroni's at the airport, in Terminal D
(it's a small chain that originated in Venice Beach, CA)
They are known for their sausages, but they make an excellent hot dog, as you will see in my next pic!

I do have to rate this hot dog as a "10" ! (and I am a very tough critic!). It was in it's natural casing, and as John Fox (our Roadfood hot dog king) would say, it had that "snap" to it!
It was so good! And as a bonus, grilled onions and peppers were offered on the menu at no extra charge. Stuff like that always makes you feel good. The hot dog was'nt even $3.00, which for an airport is dirt cheap!

Once my plane landed safely in Philly, I made a pit stop in center city/ south philly on the way back home
I stopped at the "Famous 4th St. Deli" one block south of South St.
I had excellent moist brisket, and pastrami was very good , as well.

What a great weekend in Nashville!

Thanks for taking the journey with me !

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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/05 23:43:49 (permalink)
    Great photos, Ellen.
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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/06 09:46:17 (permalink)
    Thanks Ellen!
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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/06 22:21:52 (permalink)
    Nice Pics Ellen! Appreciate the in depth report there...
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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/06 22:25:10 (permalink)
    Nice stuff. Thanks.
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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/07 03:43:41 (permalink)
    Nice! The food looks pretty good too!
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    RE: burgers, hot dog, pastrami, etc... .. Part 4 2007/05/07 07:11:42 (permalink)
    Thanks for the report. I think a return trip to Famous 4th Street deli is in order.
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