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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/10 20:30:24 (permalink)
SAM's has case prices on their meats.
Don't think Costco does.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/11 01:21:59 (permalink)
CostCo is definitely best. Can't remember their house brand, but it is far superior to other supermarket store brands (for instance, Albertson's or King Sooper's).

Except their hamburger patties. Eewwwww. What is WITH them? Maybe it's because we always throw them on the grill in their frozen state -- you can't get a medium rare burger to save your life. Mush.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/11 19:23:20 (permalink)
I say Costco, but I'm not allowed to tell you why. Darn ban on discussing politics.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/11 23:43:33 (permalink)
what ban is that??!!!
drop down to bbq and look under the maurice's and piggy park thing. not a word on how they like his bbq but a lot of politics there
by the way sam's only cause we dont have a costco here. but i get better buys and quality at my local small purveyor
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/12 07:18:21 (permalink)
Costco's main brand name is Kirkland - exceptional quality in comparison to the others.

Their bakery alone will draw you in and not let you go till you've sampled something.

That may be the one aggravation I have there...

They set up sampling tables all over the place. It appears many people come there to eat the free stuff - and then maybe shop a little... meanwhile clogging up the aisles for us "speed-shoppers."
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/12 10:34:40 (permalink)
IMHO...Neither one!

With 3 restaurants my time is to valuable to be running to warehouses to pickup supplies. Find a good supplier that will deliver to your door, you'll save time and be able to cncentrate more on what you really need to be doing.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/12 11:25:07 (permalink)
I think this is a regional issue. Here in Eastern Massachusetts where BJs is based, there are more BJs than Costcos, and Sam's are few and far between. Much of Sam's food items look like an afterthought (and the packaged food, none fresh, at our WalMart looks more run over than at Odd Lot). Meat at BJs usually looks better than any supermarket and is much cheaper. Produce is only on a par, but that's fresh produce in the frozen North.

I've also met several transplants from the West Coast who complain about how lousy Costco is here compared to "home." I usually recommend that they check out BJs (to which they usually reply, "what's that?").

Don't suppose there might be some benefit to shopping locally (or, at least, regionally)?
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/04/12 12:38:32 (permalink)
The only type of merchandise at BJ's that I found to be superior to Costco was in their cheese selection. The selection was broader and perhaps a bit more exotic, to some extent.

Other than the cheese, BJ's seems to specialize in convenience foods and junk food. If one is interested in good quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Prosciutto and fresh meats, and fresh fruits/vegetables, Costco is far superior to BJ's. Since I rarely buy convenience foods or junk foods, naturally I prefer Costco.

Also, when I have been able to make a model-for-model price comparison of electronic goods at the two stores, BJ's was consistently more expensive than Costco.

When it comes to tires, I would say BEWARE of BJ's. Their tire operation is a concession, and the ones that I have observed were extremly grimy and unkempt--sort of like a run-down garage in a seedy part of town. By comparison, Costco's tire operation is spotless and very professional looking.

For a year, I maintained memberships in both BJ's and Costco. After observing what I described above, I did not renew my BJ's membership. I have walked around Sam's Club a few times, with one of their "free weekend" passes, and I saw absolutely nothing that would make me feel that they were superior to Costco.

It's Costco for me.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/19 13:06:14 (permalink)
Hi, Click and Pull is a great feature they offer at Sams. You can make a shopping list with all the items you need, I have one for my Child Care Business as well my new Hot dog business, ( yes I'm a bit crazy,)it does take a little time to set up and you do have to maintain them. Some advantages are you don't have to walk the whole store, the order is ready when you get there. At our location they even added a freezer in front of the store with your freezer items in it.. One thing you might want to keep in mind is I don't order fruit or rolls, just in case you don't make it their that day. This service is also really great for those who use a lot of soda, juice or heavy items, at least their already on the cart for you...when you get to the store you just tell the person working the floor your name, they bring the order, you stand in line, and because your order in in suspense, zip and your done.... oh yeah you still have to pay.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/19 15:42:56 (permalink)
Click and Pull is great when you can actually get them to pull the items you clicked. After five times of no pulling I gave up on that at my local Sam's store. My complaint fell on deaf ears with corporate, too.

Last week I joined Costco after Sam's was out of several items I need on a weekly basis and let me tell you they weren't any better. Looks like I flushed my 50 bucks.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/19 19:14:33 (permalink)
We joined Costco last week after several months of threatening to do so, and I was pretty impressed with the prices and helpfulness of their employees. We got some ribeyes there that we cooked on the grill and were awesome (and less expensive than my local supermarket), so I think it's going to be my preferred meat source.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/22 06:43:39 (permalink)
Another Sam's has closed up with out notice {I might add} here in the Boston area last week. I'm happy to see that at least some company can compete with that giant. I seen a profile of the CEO of Costco on 60min. last year sometime and he is not your typical CEO. Takes a modest salary, no corporate jets and is known to to help out in a location when visiting a store if needed. He must have taken a page from old Sam Waltons book of work ethics, to bad Mr. Waltons sons didn't follow in their farthers foot steps. I have also noticed that many of Costco's employees have been with them since day one so that tells me that this company is doing something right. Overall the Kirkland brand is an outstanding product love their coffee and go out of my way to get the canned tuna. Bakery items are very good but a little large for me I live by myself so I avoid that area otherwise something ends up in the carrige {apple pie} just too big. My only dissapointment is like Trader Joe's sometimes they have a product the next time you return it's not avalible and please don't move stuff around. I know It's an old marketing trick but it still irritates the hell out of me. At first I felt sorry for the employees of Sam's then thought it might be a blessing in discuise {sp}. Chow Jim
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/25 15:33:45 (permalink)
I have a problem with all of the club type stores that charge a membership. They just like magazine subscriptions notify you your membership (dues) are due 60 days before the actual end of your membership/ subscription. Now if you pay in advance by just 30 days at the end of 12 years you’ve paid for 13 years. Sams did that to me for years but no more I raised hell with the company’s home office and they wrote back “We only alert you to your ending membership for your convenience”. They completely ignored my point. Can you imagine how many members they have world wide? Just think about the amount of money that rolls in on an annual basis with this scam.

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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/05/25 16:36:24 (permalink)
I'm not a member of any warehouse club, although I may be someday. I don't like membership fees. Why pay so I can shop in their stores? Do they actually want to make it where fewer people will shop there by limiting membership as they once did? No, they take anybody now as far as I know, as long as you pay your annual fee. Next thing you know the corner grocery is going to ask me to pay membership fees for the discount card they gave me (if they follow the warehouse store model that is).

As for the membership renewal, it can actually get worse than just being asked to pay or even to pay early. I don't pay any bill earlier than necessary. It's an old habit from when the bank actually paid interest worth collecting. If they don't give a discount for early renewal, I would pay about a week before it expires.

Anyway, I have a friend who was a Sam's Club member. BJ's built a new store just a few blocks from his home. He tried it and liked it well enough to buy a membership there based on the convenience and prices of their gas station. When Sam's Club sent him a renewal notice, he ignored it, thinking his membership would simply lapse. A few months later he applied for a loan. The problem was that he now had a black mark on his credit report. Sam's reported him for failure to pay. There must have been some fine print on his membership application.

So, any of you guys who want to quit Sam's should send them written notice in advance and keep a copy. I don't know, maybe this is true for other companies as well. I've even heard of magazine subscriptions causing the same kind of problems before. I personally try to avoid all memberships and subscriptions with automatic renewal.

These policies don't necessarily make a company bad, but they don't make them friendly either.
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RE: costco or sam's club 2006/06/11 11:35:29 (permalink)
As a result of several businesses in the family I actually have a card to both Sam's and Costco and have found over time that they each have advantages over the other, although I do think Costco is much more impressive on customer service and general policies. I would say see if you can get one day passes to each and go in to take a look. I would not really say go shopping, but wander thru the store and look at items you would normally buy (take a shopping list) and make note of prices, brands etc... Then you can decide based on what things you want to buy. I would say that convinence of shopping would be a major factor as well. If you have one of each really close then you may even go all out and get a membership to one this year and next year to the other and then you will really know which suits you best. Just making the choice based on what other's say without checking it out yourself may leave you unhappy or missing out on what is best for you.

As for Lionheart's friend who got a bad mark in his credit report.... well if you get a Sam's credit attached to your membership (which I personally do not think people should do, but that is because I think it causes people to impulse buy crap they do not need) then they will automatically renew your membership on that, unless you tell them not to. Basically this makes your membership card into a store credit card, and when they renewed your friend's membership and he then ignored the credit card bills and did not pay them, well just like any other credit card you are going to get a past due payment on your credit report. If you just pay year-to-year for your membership, when it expires you cannot use it till you pay again.

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