cross country round up, part 2

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2005/11/18 18:40:03 (permalink)

cross country round up, part 2

So I left off in Capitan, on my way to Carrizozo for the evening. I was gonna go out since it was Friday, but I had laundry to do and all that. By the time I was done, everything was closed I'm sure. Anyway, I went to the 4 Winds across the street from my motel for breakfast and had the huevos rancheros w/ green chili stew. It seems as if I am more of a green fan - just like the fresh flavor better. It came w/ refried beans on one of those metal plate things that I'm guessing they just put in the oven to let the cheese melt. They were yummy. Did I mention I love New Mexico? I really can't wait to go back. The green chili stew had meat in it (beef I think), but that just added to the flavor. The eggs were basically smothered but the stew and it was a glorious thing. I took awhile for the eggs to come out, but I was being a bit impatient cuz I was off to the Valley of Fire then White Sands, so I had quite a day ahead of me. I didn't leave tho w/out purchasing a chocolate pecan brownie (for later of course).

After breakfast, I went down the road to the Valley of Fire, where I had fallen on some lava rock, and totally split my favorite hiking pants. I was pretty bummed, and a bit scratched up (you can really hurt yourself on that stuff!), and took it as a sign to get out. I had only eaten breakfast about 2 hours ago, but I made my way down the road to the Outpost anyway to sample my first green chili cheeseburger (who knows when I'll be back in Carrizozo again?). This place is so up my alley. It was mostly locals (hunters especially), w/ skulls and taxidermy hanging everywhere. A couple of places in NM I had the gc burgers at have this decor, and it just adds to the ambience I think. When I was ordering, I asked the waitress how the burgers are cooked and she said well done. Well done! Blasphemous I'm thinking, so I asked if I could have mine medium rare, then I decided to go w/ medium. She said you have to cook meat thoroughly, but how many medium rare burgers have you eaten in your lifetime and not gotten sick? As long as the meat's good...anyway I ate some of the burger there, and it was really good. A nice combo of lettuce, tomato, onion and green chili, but I wasn't into the American cheese on the burger, especially since I'm in NM. It kind of took away from it, but whatever. They use that at the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio as well, which was rated the #7 best burger in the country by GQ. But I never do American cheese on burgers ever, but I just went with it. It still was a good burger. I'm sad to report that I did not have a Bobcat Bite burger (where they use jack cheese I read here), or a Blake's Lottaburger, so next time. The rest of the burger I took to go cuz I was just too full.

I went down to Alamogordo from the Outpost to go to White Sands. Unreal. Another place you just have to go and see for yourself. I went on the sunset stroll, which was cool cuz a ranger guides you and you can ask questions and all that good stuff. I decided I was gonna go down to La Mesa and hit Chope's for some chiles rellenos since it was Saturday and they'd be closed until Tuesday, so dinner was my last chance. La Mesa was about an hour from White Sands, so I figured I had plenty of time to work up a big appetite. Lemme just tell you that Chope's was jumping. It's 2 places I think, one being the biker bar, and the other the actual restaurant. I naturally went to the bar first, not knowing about the other space, and I went to the restaurant because it's non smoking. I didn't have to wait to long cuz it was just me, and I just ordered the chiles rellenos plate and a Bohemia. You can order 40s of beer there, how cool is that?! I liked my rellenos okay, but I'm not that big of a rellenos fan (too much unhealthy fried stuff after while just gets to me), but I had to try them since that's what they're known for. I loved the local atmosphere tho, and would love to go have a beer next door next time around.

After Chope's I headed up I-25 to Truth or Consequences for the night to stay at the Riverbend Hostel, where you get free hot spring soaks from 7-10 a.m. and p.m. included w/ the price of your bed! I must say I dug T or C, and not even for the food (although I ate an awesome frittata and my first salad of the trip at the White Coyote Cafe - the dressing was really good, some kind of house blend). It was Sunday, so not much was open. Anyway ya'll, I still need to report on northern NM, where I spent 3 nights and ate some good chow (this is a very slow process for me apparently, doing the follow ups). Till next time...


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    RE: cross country round up, part 2 2005/11/19 13:33:43 (permalink)
    Great report! When in Santa Fe try the green chile stew at Tia Sophias which I believe is on Palace, it's just a few blocks from the Plaza. New Mexico is a very cool state and I'm glad you went to White Sands, many people skip it. Also in that area is Bosque del Apache wildlife reserve, at this time of the year you should see whooping cranes and snadhill cranes along with hordes of other waterfowl.
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