Lockedcustomers wanting samples of my bbq

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RE: customers wanting samples of my bbq 2006/08/17 19:30:42 (permalink)
Originally posted by jlaurette

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to chime in. I also think it is the height of rudeness to expect something for nothing. It is completely different if the owner is offering something to introduce a product(as Dr. Smoke says he does). I was so intrigued by some of the attacks on Dr. Smoke, that I decided to make the trip up to eat at Chubby's. I live in Kensington, just outside of Washington DC. I have to say this was delicious BBQ. Everything we ordered, plates, sides, sandwiches including an enormous sub that my son had was exceptional. Mac n cheese was good too, along with great fries and wonderful homemade chips that came in little baggies, which kept them from getting soggy. All the sauces on the table were yummy...I couldn't pick a favorite.

Definitely going back to Chubby's! Keep up the good work, Dr. Smoke!



Welcome to this forum!

What you are not aware of, due to your newcomer status, is that "DrSmoke" wound up being banned from this forum for his irrational attacks on those who had the temerity to differ with his preconceived notions on any topic.

The moderators for this forum are fairly forgiving, but if you could read some of DrSmoke's more abusive postings (you can't because they have been deleted), you might want to rethink your praise of the gentleman. He might make wonderful BBQ, but I choose to associate with, and give my hard-earned money to, people who are more tolerant and less abusive than he proved to be.

I, for one, would not patronize his business after reading his never-ending rantings about his employees, his customers, his non-customers, the local police, and anyone who disagreed with him. But, that is just one man's opinion, and I will not attack anyone who wants to disagree with this opinion of mine, unlike "the good doctor".

Anyway--welcome aboard. Stay and enjoy some spirited discourse on food and other topics with the members of this board.

mayor al
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RE: customers wanting samples of my bbq 2006/08/17 19:35:27 (permalink)

The Roadfood Site will not support posts about any business of former members who were locked out as the result of misconduct. This thread is locked.
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