dark meat

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RE: dark meat 2005/01/30 03:04:59 (permalink)
I've noticed that a lot of places don't even serve dark meat anymore. My mom (who lives in an assisted living facility) was craving fried chicken and she only likes dark meat (which is strange because I remember her always eating the breast when we were growing up...we ate a lot of chicken since we raised them and killed and dressed them). We checked out several restaurants that either didnt' have fried chicken, only served it on Sunday, or just served white meat.
A lot of places (and home cooks) overcook the breast meat and make it too dry. I use boneless, skinless breasts and salt and pepper them, then dip them in milk, coat with seasoned flour (flour, salt, pepper and paprika), quickly dip in milk a 2nd time and into the flour again, then fry in either Crisco (preferred if making gravy) or olive oil. The double dipping and coating forms a nice crust which seals in the juices, and the milk can be reserved and used to make the gravy with the pan drippings, a mix of the seasoned and plain flour and additional milk if needed. Great with biscuits and/or mashed potatoes.

I use Amish chicken whenever possible...it beats the Tyson hands down. The brand we get around here is Miller Amish Farms. I tend to buy only boneless breasts and boneless thighs (my husband prefers dark meat).
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RE: dark meat 2005/06/09 16:04:04 (permalink)
The "back" portion of a chicken is rarely, if ever, sold here in New England. We generally tend to consume white meat while amongst the verdant hills of New England...
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