favorite summer desserts

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2004/05/26 10:34:20 (permalink)

favorite summer desserts

My all time favorite summer time dessert is a dairy queen vanilla cone with a chocolate dip. Then homemade blueberry pie, still warm eaten with my family on the screened in porch watching the fireflies.
Also there is nothing better than a fruit salad thats cold and has plenty of watermelon, blueberries, cantelope, necatarines and a squeeze of lemon juice,

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/26 10:53:03 (permalink)
    I have several:

    Any kind of homemade ice cream.
    Warm cobbler (any kind of fresh fruit) with vanilla ice cream
    A variety of fresh fruits with whipped cream
    Rex Allen
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/26 11:55:36 (permalink)
    Apple Pie with a scoop of home made ice cream. The very best. Rex in expensive, costly, San Diego.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/26 13:25:51 (permalink)
    Pie!!!! Made with whatever happens to be in season: first strawberry, then blueberry, then black raspberry custard, then peach, then apple......I could go on and on.
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/26 21:42:14 (permalink)
    summer pudding made from fresh cooked berries and bread weighted down and left for several hours. Remove and serve with whipped cream.
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/29 06:56:18 (permalink)
    I have to agree with regards to the fresh fruit. Just having an abundance of soft fruits plus decent imported melons etc is dessert enough for me ! Here's a very simple Brit dessert, is pretty rich because of the cream, so I dont eat it more than about once a year :) but I daresay it can be adapted using some lower fat substitutes ( but for heavens sake NOT that aerosol cream in a can !!! ) also adjust quantities according to taste and what you have to hand ( not sure how to adapt to US cup measurements ! )

    Eton Mess
    You need about 1lb hulled really ripe strawberries. 75-100g of Meringues - however they come, nests or twirls or whatever you can buy, or you can even make them yourself if you are so inclined ! and about 12 fl oz of double ( ? heavy ) or whipping cream. You can also add a couple of dashes of your favourite flavoursome sweet liqueur such as Kirsch or Grand Marnier should you wish.

    Take about 3/4 of the strawberries, reserving the rest whole, and lightly crush/mash with a fork, adding a splash of liqueur at this stage if desired. Lightly whip the cream until at the soft peak stage ( ie not til its butter ! :/ ) Crumble up the meringues in rough chunks. Stir the strawberries into the whipped cream so the whole is marbled pink and white and fold in the meringue pieces. Serve in your nicest glass dishes. Or indeed, glasses. Garnish with the whole strawberries. Some folks also lay a few sprigs of fresh mint on top, and I have never seen anyone use chocolate curls or flakes as garnish but I imagine they would look well and taste even better. Enjoy !
    Tristan Indiana
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/29 07:04:04 (permalink)
    Real homemade strawberry shortcake (not spongecake!)
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/31 09:56:46 (permalink)
    I just made peach-blueberry cobbler last night with the 1st SC peaches. I'm now having it for breakfast.
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/05/31 13:20:13 (permalink)
    In the summer I love fruit. Watermellon is a fave when it's sweet, cantaloupe (if it isn't sweet, my family slices it up and leaves in the fridge overnight with sugar sprinkled on them ), and of course strawberries dipped in sugar as you are eating them!!!

    I came up with my own version of punch bowl cake with pineapple that is delightful any time of the year but soooo refreshing during the scorching summer heat.

    1.)Bake a white cake mix with a small box of vanilla pudding sirred in. Let this cool and then cut into chunks.

    2.)While the cake is baking mix together the following: One larege box of vanilla pudding made according to the box's directions, one larege tub of coolwhip, and one can crushed pineapple (size depends on how much pineapple you prefer). Chill

    3.)After the cake is cooled and cut into cubes, layer the cake chunks and pineapple mixture in a large bowl ending with pineapple mixture on top. You may garnish this with fresh berries of your choice. I like to place berries around the rim and a large sprig of mint in the middle. Chill for 4 hours or overnight. YUMMY!
    E.Gail Woods
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    RE: favorite summer desserts 2004/06/02 17:09:09 (permalink)
    The classic combo of fresh strawberries,sour cream and brown sugar-absolutely wonderful!!!
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