grill year round

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2004/09/30 00:43:55 (permalink)

grill year round

We grill year round in Oregon. As long as you've got a cover over you, in the rain, you're fine.
We have a webber charcoal grill (no gas) and absolutely LOVE LAZZARI mesquite charcoal, I won't go back to Kingsford, now.
We do a pork roast every Christmas slow smoked over in direct heat and wood chips.
We grill alot of Salmon and Chicken.
We also marinate and grill veggies alot
(zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, asparagus, peppers)
What do YOU grill... and when?

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 02:58:06 (permalink)
    Friday nights after the local high school game (and occasionally after a night at the Red's game.) I live the closest to the stadium among my friends and several years ago we started heading back to my house after the game. One night I bought burgers and dogs for a cookout, and everyone, especially the kids, enjoyed it so much that we made it a home game event. One of my friend's sons told his teacher that he didn't like football, but he loved the cookouts after the game. My grill sits under cover on the porch, so we grill all year, sometimes in weather so nasty that I wonder how the food gets hot. I use it so much that I'm about to upgrade to one of the big, shiny semi-pro models.
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 05:44:55 (permalink)
    I don't grill all year long as it's hard to get into grill mode when it's -25 degrees and dark in the long Arctic winter.
    In the summer I throw everything on the, chicken, ribs, steaks, lamb, all vegetables, potatoes, etc. Am currently using a Weber gas grill and love it. As for the shiny semi-pro models, this is not a product endorsement but some of my professional chef pals have purchased Viking grills and they swear by them.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 06:26:17 (permalink)
    I had my eye on a Weber, but only because it was readily available. I've never heard of Viking, but I'll look into it. (AAMOF, firing up Google as this posts.)
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 07:59:24 (permalink)
    I am a transplanted Yankee and I love to cook in all weather. Summer is easy, but I cook in the winter, too. When we shovel snow, we make sure to shovel a path to the grill. It isn't too far away, just off the deck. It is natural gas, so we don't have to worry about hauling tanks or charcoal. It does take more time to heat up in the winter, though. We grill pork chops quite frequently, also chicken, steaks, wings for Buffalo sauce. Ribs we start in the kitchen and finish off on the grill. I couldn't live without a grill. I've gotten pretty good at cooking a roast beef, too. I brown it on all sides, and finish it off on the top rack with a piece of foil underneath, so it won't burn.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 09:14:17 (permalink)
    My grill is right outside my side door on a covered deck. It's nice having it under a roof as it looks like new after 8-9 years. I've got one of those Weber performer grills, it's charcoal but with a propane starter. For some reason I actually grill out more in the winter, I'm in Minnesota. What I really like is a Turkey with butter, garlic & pepper stuffed up under the skin cooked using indirect heat. I also like to smoke some chicken breasts for a few hours and then finish them off on a hot grill to crisp up the outside. You can't go wrong with a good old hamburger though.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 09:17:39 (permalink)
    I keep my smokey joe on the front porch most of the winter.
    Michael Hoffman
    Double-chop Porterhouse
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 11:26:03 (permalink)
    I cook on my Weber all year long. I keep the grill on a patio with an overhang so I can sometimes stay dry if it's raining, sleeting or snowing.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: grill year round 2004/09/30 12:17:43 (permalink)
    I grill all year long unless it's really frozen. We've had some pretty mild winters around Chicagoland lately so it hasn't been a challenge. In the winter of 78-79 we snow up to.. and I dug my grill out, made a nice little snow fort shield around it, including shelves....hey, we were snowed in...gotta do something, already ran out of booze and there was no way anyone was going anywhere for a few days!
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/01 15:38:10 (permalink)
    I'm always suprised when people tell me they stop grilling in winter.

    Nothing like going for a walk in the neighborhood on a cold winter's day, and knowing that the smell of burning wood and cooking meat is coming from your house, and it's your dinner.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/01 15:57:27 (permalink)
    Last year during a big ice storm that knocked power out for days all over the Carolinas, we had some Latino families that could not understand English, bring their grills inside their houses to cook on and thus were killed from the fumes. A very sad situation.
    Fire Safety Admin
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/08 02:31:09 (permalink)
    When we lived in Calif we grilled year round. Now living in the Mid-Atlantic region I find my blood too thin for cooking outdoors most of the winter type months. Got to admit I hang up the apron before turkey day the last 6 years.

    But I tell ya what, that first 2 rack of ribs off the grill in March or so sure is tasty!

    This makes me realize that I've got to do ribs and another couple pork shoulders pretty soon. Costco, here I come!

    Junior Burger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/08 11:45:42 (permalink)
    I'm in Louisiana na dI get to cook pretty much all the time. I fire up my Gator Bandit at least twice a week to stay prepared for upcoming events/cook-outs.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/08 12:14:49 (permalink)
    I move the Weber to the covered front porch in winter. Last January, when it was sub zero, I asked what the heck I was doing out here. Then I saw the fellow across from us building his deck. I went back to my grilling without another peep.

    Personally, there is nothing like lifting the lid and smelling smoldering hickory chips in winter. It's better than napalm in the morning.
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/08 12:22:41 (permalink)
    I've been known to celebrate the first snow of the year by firing up my grill.
    carlton pierre
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/08 21:46:41 (permalink)
    I cook on my Weber all year long. My old college buddies and I cook our Turkey on a grill over charcoal. I also like to grill veggies of all kinds on the grill.

    carl reitz
    Junior Burger
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/11 15:22:56 (permalink)
    does anyone have any tips on cooking baked beans on the grill in the wintertime?
    seafarer john
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/11 17:29:32 (permalink)
    Here in the Hudson Valley the main ingredient required for grilling in January is a copious supply of alcohol - ergo, we do it more than is good for us before fleeing to the warm sub-tropical breezes of Florida.

    Cheers, John
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    RE: grill year round 2004/10/12 22:40:34 (permalink)
    Absolutely grill year 'round here in Charm City. Mostly chicken and burgers, racks of ribs for football, beer can chicken and the Thanksgiving turkey, too. I've never done a pork shoulder on the grill but Mike S's post has got me thinking I might wanna give that a try.
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