2008/02/12 08:38:47
I have always seen them in the meat section but never gave them a shot because Im a T-Bone, Ribeye,Strip Steak kind of Guy.But last night I picked up a couple for like two dollars and something.Well,I gave them a quick marinate and threw them in my cast iron grill skillett cooked med rare,let rested then I put them in the oven for a few minutes and all I can say is WOW!What have I been missing!The flavor was there and vey tender also.I will never look down on this cut of meat again.
2008/02/12 08:43:31
Captain Morgan
They're great! Remember, chuck eye, not chuck steaks.
Good fat content, beefy flavor, affordable....until
everyone reads this and the price starts going up to
meet demand! Nevermind!
2008/02/12 08:45:49
Way to go, jellybear! Chuck Eye steaks are our #1 favorite, followed by Porterhouse and N.Y. Strip!
I had Chuck Eye, medium rare, last night and I'm having one today. It's the best (to us)!!!
2008/02/12 09:22:18
According to[url='http://www.foodsubs.com/MeatBeefChuck.html']Cook's Thesaurus[/url] the chuck eye is also known as mock tender, chuck fillet/filet, chuck tender, and Scotch tender. The Piggly Wiggly I shop at usually uses the "mock tender" term.

2008/02/12 09:24:49
hey,thanks for the tip...always thought they were just a chuck steak> Live and learn!!!
2008/02/12 11:39:09
Nothing better than a good chuck steak on a charcoal grill, to me anyway.
More bang for your buck. Very versital also, cubbed makes for a great beef stew and ground for burgers. I mix some ground chuck with some ground fresh briscit for a great burger. Chow Jim
2008/02/12 13:31:51
Actually its a Chuck Blade Steak,I went back just a minute ago and got a couple more.Are they suitable for Stir Frying?
2008/02/12 13:41:25
At Publix here in south Florida, the Chuck Blade steak is the same as the Mock Tender, both of which are nothing spectacular (I never buy them anymore)....but the Chuck Eye steak, well, it's great!
2008/02/12 16:17:06
there is a difference between Chuck Eye and blade. Chuck Eye is the cut next to the Rib Eye, it's just forward on the animal from the loin/rib section. Chuck blade is from the shoulder, not the same tenderness or fat to lean ratio. The blade is a real working muscle, the Chuck Eye does less and is therefore more tender. There are only a couple of chuck eye steaks per chuck (front quarter) so only about four steaks per animal. That makes 'em harder to find in the supermarket. And if the butcher is in the mood for steak, there's a good chance he's taking them home with him. My father was a butcher and Chuck Eyes were the only steaks he'd bring home.
2008/02/12 16:22:09
I see visions of Alton Brown standing in front of a cow diagram.
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