2010/05/09 08:14:15
big g in joisey
Hi John, the special is going on right now, The Getty ave Grill's number is 973-278-7999, they are located on the corners of Getty & Crooks ave, Paterson,  for those interested in trying a Passaic county favorite.
2010/05/12 23:24:49
Food Fan,

I grew up on George's as well.  Just found your post.  My father introduced me to George's when I was about 8-9.  I used to live in Roselle Park and we used to get gallons to go.  I since moved to Texas and my brother, an over the road truck driver, used to stop in and talk to George.  He tried to get the recipe but his wife overheard him and got real mad and told him not to sell the recipe.

Anyway, I understand that they moved to Florida.  I have tried to duplicate the chili but never came close.  My father, about 30 years ago bought an authentic hot dog cart.  I ended up with it and am really considering getting it permitted LOL.

Anyway you are interested in sharing your recipe?

2010/05/14 22:32:19
In reply to Georges Hot dogs in Elizabeth, NJ. on elmora ave. I have been going there since the 1960's. The last 20 years or so it was owned by Lucas Rigas. I too used to buy his chili by the gallon. One day I arrived hoping to get my fix for a great dog with onions and chili only to find that Lucas sold out to Subway. I asked the manager where Lucas had gone to and he told me that he retired to the Virginia Beach, VA. area to be closer to his kids. I guess the only way to be sure would be to contact the Subway corporation and inquire. If anybody finds out what happened to Lucas please let me know so I can try and get the receipe for that great chili.
2010/05/18 19:43:20
John Fox
The taping for the Food Wars episode featuring Jimmy Buff's has been rescheduled. Info has to be posted on another forum. See here:

2010/05/19 11:34:09
big g in joisey
It would be great if Tommy's in Elizabeth was included for one of the best Italian hotdogs in NJ for the Food Wars episode. Charlie's in Kenilworth and Jimmy Buffs in East Hanover are two of the best, what happened with Dickie Dee's. 
2010/05/19 14:59:45
John Fox
I'm not at liberty to say.
2010/05/24 21:59:08
Dog Boss
we got a new place to report........................... DAVES HOT DOG'S  Sayrevlle (morgan) ..      i lost the finer details......... i'll fill in the blanks in a day or two, Sorry

doing dirty water sabrett's ..........he's been around for awhile........... brick and mortar  ........ had truck's in the past.......... simple menu, and doing well !!!
2010/05/24 22:01:39
Dog Boss
came across this............. maybe it's been posted before 

http://famousfatdave.com/...tegory/hot-dogs/       post went bad............. eeerrrrr

2010/05/29 04:14:35

WALT’S 42nd Street used to be on the south east side of St. Georges Ave in Linden.
O’Keefe’s Miniature Golf was down the street toward Rahway from it and a golf driving range was behind Walt’s. Walt’s had great hot dogs and the best french fries (crinkle cut) that I have ever tasted!!! 

This photo is from 1947 and shows Walt’s at the lower center, the intersection of St. George and Stiles St at the top and the trailer park at the lower left.

This is Walt’s and O’Keefe’s Miniature Golf at it’s original location in 1963:

This is Walt’s and O’Keefe’s Miniature Golf in 1966 after O’Keefe’s moved closer to Walt’s:

This is Walt's in 1957. You can tell by the building shadows that its mid morning:

I have a lot more photos that show the development in that area from 1931 to 2006. You can get these for yourselves by going to:

The miniature golf course became parking lot and the driving range turned industrial. O’Keefe’s Miniature Golf was located at the lower left of the parking lot.

Oh, my gosh........  I can't believe I stumbled across this thread !!! " />
I used to visit my grandparents in the late 1950's - early 1960's in the trailer park  (mentioned above) just south of N. Stiles on St. Georges Avenue in Linden, New Jersey.
I was 6 or 7 years old, and plainly recall the minature golf course across the street !!
If memory serves me correctly, on the East side of St. Georges Avenue (i.e. the same side as the golf course), and a couple of blocks North, there was an aluminum, silver Diner where my grandmother took me for breakfast and lunch several times.
Can anyone recall the name and location of this Diner?
Also, can anyone recall the "name" of the trailer park?  Would the local library have a phone book from 1957-1970 that would list the address and name of this trailer park?
Thanks so much for any information you can provide! 

2010/05/29 09:15:10
big g in joisey
Drove by Bubba's DogHouse in Lyndhurst, sorry to see the signs are gone, no one inside, I always enjoyed their fresh, made to order hotdogs & hamburgers.
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