Best Chicken Cutlet Sandwhich?

Junior Burger
2004/09/18 01:03:20
Hey guys,

This is my first post here. So bare with me ha. Just wanted to know what or where your favorite chicken cutlet sandwich is. Mine would have to be at Deli Unlimited in Guilford Connecticut. They only make the fresh cutlets 2 times a week, and there is a line out the door for them. When it is done right on a good roll with lettuce, tomatoe, and Mayo
Junior Burger
RE: Best Chicken Cutlet Sandwhich? 2004/09/18 05:41:13
I would estimate that the word "SANDWICH" is spelled wrong on this site 70% of the time. I find that astonishing.
RE: Best Chicken Cutlet Sandwhich? 2004/09/20 19:15:46
I have to admit,I have had alot of chicken cutlet sandwich's,and the best I've had is still my mothers.She trims them,pounds them thin like veal,breads them and pan fries them,makes a killer homemade sauce,and melts polly o mozzarella
cheese on top on a fresh italian roll DELICIOUS!!!!!
As far as fast food chicken sandwich's Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is pretty good,they actually use a real breast,not a formed patty,and sometimes the breast fillet is huge,especially for a fast food chicken sandwich.Another good chicken cutlet sandwich is at a local fast food place in Carteret NJ called Burger express,killer chicken sandwich,nice size breast,battered and fried,buttered toasted roll with lettuce ,tomato and mayo.They also have a huge local reputation for pork roll(taylor ham)and cheese,fried crispy on a buttered toasted roll,awesome.I have not been there in over ten years,but when I lived in NJ,that place was my fastfood place of choice.