"free range chicken"

2004/09/25 00:21:17
Have you noticed a difference between "naturally raised free range" chicken vs regular super market stuff...
BOY oh BOY i have, I can't even eat the regular stuff anymore.
We get "rocky" chicken from somewhere in Ca. at the " natural food" store I shop at here in Portland, OR. and it is far superior to any I've had before.. Opinions????
Junior Burger
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/25 01:12:14
There are lots of good reasons to go with a true "free range" chicken. Numerous studies have indicated that the nutritional value of the meat is better, and obviously it's less susceptible to salmonella and other ills associated with factory farming.

Plus a Texan I know who's one hell of a chef tells me it tastes better. That's reason enough for me.
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/29 13:31:40
I am not sure of the price differential, but I find kosher chicken and turkey to be of high quality in taste and texture.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/29 13:46:44
I find the difference well worth the extra price, and I will simply not buy ordinary supermarket chicken or beef anymore. The meat is juicier, fresher, and tastier. Furthermore, if you practice your home butchering skills, you can buy whole chickens -- or breasts on the bone -- and cut them up yourself. The price difference is then negligible. The quality is so much superior that I would rather not eat any chicken than compromise.
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/29 14:06:17
I haven't tried a free range yet, but I do brine my chickens. Have you tried brined ones versus free range? I have a large Alton Brown type plastic container that I put lots of kosher salt in and cold water. The chicken loses some blood, because the water turns light pink. I especially like this method with fresh chicken wings I get at B.J.'s or Costco.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/30 22:58:11
Have you checked out the Good Eats show on Chicken (it just reran this evening)? It gets behind the hype on "free range" and kosher chicken.
Filet Mignon
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/09/30 23:58:00
Rocky chickens are available at Safeways in the Bay Area--no need to go to a "natural food" store. Personally, I go with what's on sale. If you eat a lot of chicken and can taste the difference, I suppose it might be worth it to pay more, but most of the recipes I use chicken for are so loaded with spices and other flavorings I doubt it would matter. Mostly I like chicken because the meat itself has a fairly bland flavor that goes well with lots of sauces and such. And I also think there's a lot of hype and junk science out there and I'm very skeptical about most of it.
RE: "free range chicken" 2004/10/01 00:14:31
no i swear, we just simply marinate and bbq boneless thighs and the differnece between Safeway "regular" chicken and the "Rocky" chicken at New Seasons ( the previously mentioned natural food store} is absolutely HUGE and BT , I bet you'd be suprized.... I WAS skeptical too, but REALLY.... try it.
We marinate it in bottled italian dressing like NEWMANS, sometimes the balsamic stuff, and grill it on Lazarri charcoal ( and that i know makes a difference ) and I personally, and my hubbie notice a huge difference. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.?!!?!