Steak Rubs

Junior Burger
2004/10/03 10:38:40
Does anyone have a good restaurant style steak rub recipe like the Outback Steak House or Cody's Road House?
Junior Burger
RE: Steak Rubs 2006/11/27 19:05:23
we use sason made by goya foods as a rub on steak's.not overpowering but add's a great flavor.we also use it on pork & chicken.also try adobo seasoning, also by goya.
RE: Steak Rubs 2006/11/28 06:17:43
A mixture of black pepper, kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, celery seed, paprika, brown sugar and anything else you like would be great.
RE: Steak Rubs 2006/11/28 14:06:33
If you like cajun spice

cajun shake by cajun injector

goes great on steaks and chicken and fish and venison and .... you get my point.

RE: Steak Rubs 2006/11/29 11:14:26
Not sure what the steaks are like at the restaurants you mentioned, but we use MONTREAL STEAK SEASONING all the time. Either straight out of the jar (really good on burgers) or made into the marinade recipe on the jar (oil, soy sauce & seasoning). The MONTREAL STEAK SEASONING is available at the grocery store in the spice aisle. I'm pretty sure it is a McCormick product.
Captain Morgan
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RE: Steak Rubs 2006/11/29 12:02:23
If you like the Outback flavor, try the Aussie Steak Rub from

I used to use Montreal all the time, till I found this one.
sk bob
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RE: Steak Rubs 2006/12/03 19:28:00
Try Reeses Steak Salt with a little more pepper added.
I know they have a web site but I don't know what it is.
RE: Steak Rubs 2006/12/05 03:43:24
I also like the Goya foods spices. One of my favorites is Bad Byron's Butt Rub!