Cheap Sushi

2003/05/01 15:18:44
Where is your favorite place to eat sushi on the Cheap. My favorite is Sushi Takahasi in Portland, OR. Even the most expensive pieces are only 3.00 for two pieces and most are in the 1.50 to 2.00 range. It is also most of the freshest sushi that I have had. It is a small place with only three booths, but plenty of setting at the bar. about 30-40. There train going around the bar.
Junior Burger
RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/01 15:32:53
There's a place in Kennesaw, GA (about 20 minutes north of Atlanta) called Thai Peppers that serves Thai food (the best i've ever had, actually) along with having a section for Japanese Hibachi prepared items and a large sushi bar. They have the best Sushi I've ever had; it's always fresh and never actually tastes like really fishy fish (you know what I mean). It's pretty cheap, but it gets even cheaper on Tuesday because thats "Dollar Sushi Night". I think it goes from around 5 pm to 7 pm (or somewhere around there), and you can get an entire order of sushi of your choosing for a dollar.
RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/01 16:36:54
Not sure how cheap they are, but locally we have two good, small, Japanese restaurants:

Wasabi on Route 9 in Framingham, Mass. and
Hisa in downtown Westborough, Mass.

RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/01 18:04:03
About 8 years ago there was a cheap sushi joint in San Francisco called "We Be Sushi." It got that name because originally it was called McSushi. Believe it or not, McDonald's sued them, and they had a naming contest. We Be Sushi won.

Anyone know if it's still there?

Junior Burger
RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/01 21:12:16
Detroit's northern suburbs have some solid, inexpensive places that serve the local Japanese business community (and those of us lucky enough to know about them ) Sanka Tei in West Bloomfield, MI has a great variety of reasonably priced sushi and home cooking (i.e., Katsu Dan). There is a good noodle shop in Novi, MI as well, but I can't remember its name.
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RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/02 03:44:05
I guess the proper word would be something more along the lines of "inexpensive" instead of "cheap" since that latter carries a negative connotation.
RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/02 13:05:58
To me that is the difference between Good Cheap Sushi and Bad Cheap sushi. The place that I go to has some of the freshest and highst quality sushi that I have seen around, well unless you are willing to pay $150 for two people, and even then.
RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/02 13:27:09
I'm on bushie's side. "Cheap" and "sushi" are two words that should never commingle.
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RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/05/03 10:26:16
I think it depends on the location. Certainly price factors into it, but the place i mentioned above with dollar sushi has the best i've ever had. However, it was a place i new and trusted before they started that deal, so i probably wouldn't have gone for it at a new place. As a general rule i shy away from the really low priced stuff like that which can be found in supermarkets But you're right essvee, the two words normally don't make good bed fellows.
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RE: Cheap Sushi 2003/09/16 13:41:38
i am sorry but in order to eat good sushi it has to be of good quality and fresh. that being said, 3 dollars per portion should be cheaper than the cost of anything remotely decent. there is a gigantic difference between 'cooking quality' and 'sushi quality' fish.

with respect to atlanta, try MFSushiBar if you want real sushi. on the corner of ponce de leon and penn st.
RE: Cheap Sushi 2004/01/12 16:27:16
Well like the saying goes 'you get what you pay for' and that goes the same for sushi. I have had good rolls for about 3.00 per 8 pieces, they werent phenomenal but were decent. I will gladly pay for the choicest cuts, the skills that some sushi chefs have , and the presentation of the sushi which is so important to me. Its an art form, Decandent and Orgasmic and i cant take dollar bills to the grave but i can die happy knowing i tasted the ultimate in cuisine.
RE: Cheap Sushi 2004/01/14 01:10:18
I'd be wary of most cheap sushi offerings in the States, but last summer on a trip to Malaysia, we had great cheap sushi at grocery stores. Demand is higher over there, so even your basic department stores (with grocery sections) like Jusco had a huge refrigerated case of sushi... nigiri as well as maki, and individually wrapped. You made your a la carte choices, took it to the counter where the worker rings up the price, and paid at the cashier. Nigiri ran from 1-3 RM, depending on what fish you chose. That's a little more than a quarter a piece in US dollars. Also, quality was pretty darn good, better than some sushi bars I've had. They had some types of fish we don't often see here... sea ray, for example, and white tuna, both excellent. We stuffed ourselves on cheap sushi and sashimi while there.

Three pictures of the sushi counter and sushi:

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Cheap Sushi 2004/01/14 02:38:33
As the book "Kitchen Confidential" says, Why do you think cheap sushi is cheap?

And the Monday rule: Never order fish on a Monday, because it probably was delivered last Friday. A Tuesday special. . . .jeez.