2003/05/01 16:27:57
Does anyone know of a good place to eat Shabu-Shabu (Japanese meat fondue) in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia)?
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/05/01 18:09:03
I second your request. Good shabu shabu is hard to find...

-Yumbo (Seattle WA)
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/05/01 18:36:34
I Think I have to Drive to Chicago ...
I've looked too, nothing around Detroit
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/05/02 17:43:37
Come to Milwaukee! Konohana http://www.sushiwithstyle and Izumi's have great shabu-shabu. It's really the ponzu sauce that makes it worthwhile.
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/07/01 13:25:09
OK, so I finally found two places in Seattle that do Shabu-Shabu. They are Bush Gardens and Nikko.
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/07/01 14:03:54
No specific names to give you, but I would think that shabu-shabu is easy to find in Vancouver. There's tons of Japanese restaurants there.
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/07/01 14:05:20
I haven't found one yet. :(
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RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/07/01 16:34:26
Down here in LA we have many good shabu shabu places. However, it's so easy and fun to do a shabu shabu party yourself. I do them often-------it can get quite lively. It's easy to find the ingredients and do it-----I do mine in an electric wok at the table. About the only thing I needed to buy was a long pair of the cooking chopsticks. The nice thing with shabu shabu at home is you can adjust the ingredients for your particular bunch.
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/07/01 16:35:28
I have done it at home most of my life, but I was wanting to go out and try it once.
RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/08/02 20:12:12
Vinelady: May I recommend several Japanese Restaurants that serve Shabu-Shabu in Seatle. Toyoda Sushi, Sanmi Sushi and Yoshinobo Japanese Restaurant. These are 3 i've tried the dish at, but i'm sure that most are able to set up and serve this dish, once saw it being served at Maniki. There are other restaurants that serve variations of Shabu-Shabu. Korean Restaurants in Seattle and Lakewood serve a incrediable version, as well as several Chinese Restaurants. One place that has recently opened "Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant" located at 1207 South Jackson, 2end Floor is operated by a couple who owned a restaurant in Szechuan China over 20 years, famous for it's Hot Pots. If i'm not mistaken all asian hot pots evolved from Szechuan including Shabu-Shabu. This is the most popular Hot Pot served in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Maylasia, Los Angeles and Vancover. I hope they've started serving Hot Pots, but every thing they serve is very good.
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RE: Shabu-Shabu 2003/08/04 23:35:20
Shabu-Shabu FOUND in Chicago!!!