Vancouver BC

2003/05/01 17:17:36
I spend a bit of time visiting Vancouver and am wondering if am one has recommendations.

RE: Vancouver BC 2003/05/03 03:27:55
Pink Pearl for Dim Sum. It's on Hastings, east of Downtown. Great selection, expect a line. I think they'll put your name on the list for you if you call on your way in.

The Stock Market (or is it Stock Exchange?) in the Granville Island Public Market for soups and stocks. I bring home their fish stock in my luggage it's so good.

Not Roadfood, but my two favorite places in the city are Diva@The Met and Provence. Diva is nouvelle Canadian cuisine from a former captain of the Canadian Bocuse d'Or (sp?) team and one-time Iron Chef challenger. Have the black cod, anything involving duck, the Stilton cheesecake with walnuts and port wine reduction or anything with their raspberry sorbet with the unbelievable secret ingredient. Very tasteful dining room, great tasting menu.

Provence is provencal seafood and grilled things, mostly, with daubes and roasts making appearances from time to time. Great wine list, very personal service, neat small place (I like the one on 11th in Kitslano). I've not been to the other location.

Vancouver is a great food town, and the magic is that while the price on the menu is within a few bucks of Seattle menu prices (lower, usually), you're paying with Canadian dollars, so your dinner check is roughly 1/3 less than in Seattle - so it's affordable indulgence. I used to dine in Vancouver every other week with a standing dinner reservation at Diva I enjoyed it so much.

RE: Vancouver BC 2003/05/03 11:24:13
If you happen to be driving to Vancouver from the south on 99, a side trip to White Rock a few miles on the Canadian side is a good dining experiance. A beautiful place right on the seafront is not only a beautiful stretch of coast but the restaurants lining Marine Drive would take a week to catch them all. Stand outs are Moby Dick's for Fish and Chips and Troll's for a good beer.
While your in Vancouver you might want to try a White Spot. Although they have gone a little upscale the last few years, the hamburgers are still good Roadfood.
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RE: Vancouver BC 2003/06/01 00:14:04
Sun Sui Wah also has good Dim Sum. Togo's for sushi. And espresso on Commercial (mmmm...).
RE: Vancouver BC 2003/06/01 23:19:12
True Roadfood location: The Tomahawhawk Diner. Kitschy totem poles outside. Great burgers. They have their own place mats. Has Canada really big, while US called "Southerners." Great place. Stole their menu. Also worth going to is MacKenzie's Cabin. Good microbrews, nice burgers, cozy confines.