Steak....and what else?

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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/05/24 15:41:38
Ort., It's hard to not be hungry after reading any of your posts. And dinner time here in Texas is hours away! And any good restaurant is many miles away.

That said, did I already say onions, mushroom, and garlic cooked in real butter? Just spoon it over your steak, or eat it on the side. Whops, a few jalapenos tossed in never hurts that much.

Stuck here in rural east Texas.
RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/03 15:26:13
hmmmm, lets see..... The Bluemaxx will take the following: Center cut serloin cooked medium and chared heavily on the outside. Served with a dry baked potato and a side of creamed spinach. I'd like to wash that down with a good Cab (too many to list). Oh, and I would like a view with that meal too. Preferrably the mountains or maybe atop a skyscraper
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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/19 22:33:49
I like roasted new potatoes with rosemary and garlic, a fresh green salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing, and some of those sliced tomatoes Tiki mentioned would be nice.
Pat T Hat
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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/19 23:00:44
I'm a steak fry guy myself. Anything smaller just don't seem right. Crinkle cut need to stay in a burger basket where they belong. Give me a green salad of any kind but I need to have tomatoes. A handful of onion rings with that will win my heart. Well any onion will do that! I like a good piece of crisy bread or even a roll to sop up. Rye even better !
RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/20 13:30:20
Steamed silver queen corn on the cob for me!
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/20 13:34:51
Originally posted by Ort. Carlton.

Originally posted by Michael HoffmanWell, he's only 16. He thinks you're supposed to keep eating till there's no food left -- on the planet.

As the menu of a former favorite eatery/drinkery of mine said: "Kids -- they'll eat every day if ya let 'em."
Still A Bottomless Pit At Times, Ort. Carlton, A/K/A "The Travelling Trencherman Of Athens, Georgia."

All I can say is, come July 12, the Defense budget is going to have to be increased because the kid leaves for Army basic training that day, and I'm sure they won't be able to afford to feed him on the money they have now.
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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/22 14:21:46
Steak - cooked on a charcoal barbeque, baked tater....butter, sour creme, real chives.

Big green salad with all kinds of veggies in it, blue cheese dressing with BIG chunks of blue cheese.

Ice, ice cold Heineken.

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RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/28 13:05:48
My favorite steak is skirt steak (beef diaphragm).
The easy quick very often weekend summer BBQ (when it gets just too humid and too hot to enjoy much of anything outside and on Long Island it gets like that ALOT) we just grill that with some salt and pepper to medium.The sides are usually a BIG salad of lettuce and lots of tomatoes, corn oil, white vinegar, salt TOSSED WELL!
Cut up some italian bread, put that on the BBQ too till toasted.
Dessert is some really chilled peaches or apples.

RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/06/28 13:53:37

1.5-2" NY (or KC)Strip, grilled over coals, med-rare. I had such a steak in Florence, Italy served simply with a touch of olive oil and a lemon wedge. A squeeze of lemon was incredibly good on the steak. (Bistecca ala Fiorentina.) In the Tuscan tradition, meal began with a "primi" course of pasta (with a wild boar sauce). Then, the steak with green beans tossed with garlic and onion, and then a small "insalata mista" with olive oil & vinegar. Espresso and tiramesu. Perhaps the best meal of my life. Oh yeah, the wine was a '98 Chianti Classico Reserva. (More body than most cabs I've tried...really stood up to the steak.) A little different than the usual steak + potatoes but excellent nonetheless.
RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/07/07 06:11:27
Baked potato would be one of my last choices to accompany a good steak and if I got it likely it would have only butter, salt and pepper on it. I’ve had a fully dressed baked potato about 1 time in the last 5 years and I really enjoyed it but I don’t want one every day or with a really good steak.

Depending on the quality of the restaurant and what sides they did well, my choices would lean toward sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, asparagus, or artichoke, rice or wild rice, sliced tomatoes out of the garden if I’m doing it at home or grilled tomatoes, buttered new potatoes, corn on the cob, grilled squash medley or other grilled vegetable medley.

A favorite accompaniment of mine at home for years was spinach sauteed in olive oil and butter in which a garlic clove had been browned; that’s seldom found on restaurant menus. I can’t recall that I’ve ever tried creamed spinach so I guess I should.

For a salad I like a spinach salad.

Sheesh! What is it with spinach and steak?
RE: Steak....and what else? 2006/08/21 21:41:56
Filet mignon pan sauteed with Merlot, butter and mushrooms( french white), either sweet potato or pilaf and steamed asparagus. We live near a great butcher. I'm partial to the great harbors line of marinades, especially the jerk sauce. That's great for tenderloin tips on the grill...
Just had it tonight. Heaven!
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