Great Cupcakes in Boston?

Junior Burger
2003/02/25 17:49:35
I'm looking for a bakery in the Boston, MA area that makes cupcakes like those from the Cupcake Cafe in NYC (with gorgeous bright flowers and other designs on them - check out the photo on the review) - does anyone have a recommendation of where I can find them up here?
Junior Burger
RE: Great Cupcakes in Boston? 2003/03/26 17:06:36
I saw cupcakes w/ flowers and other stuff on them in a store that may have been called Party Favors in Coolidge Corner. It's on Beacon St. beside Walgreens. The decorations didn't look as delicate as the ones in the cupcake cafe picture, but it may be worth a shot.
Junior Burger
RE: Great Cupcakes in Boston? 2003/08/14 16:14:19
Definately try Party Favor's on Beacon St. I'd also try Mike's Pastry... they make beautiful wedding cakes, among other tempting things... Modern Pastry and Maria's Pastry, also in the North End, might be able to help you too! Good luck!!