Pickled watermelon

2003/05/06 02:01:20
I hear this is a big deal in the Dakotas. Can anyone describe it to me?
mayor al
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RE: Pickled watermelon 2003/05/06 08:18:54
They use the rind to make pickles that are similiar to those made with squash chunks...Normally very sweet or "Bread and Butter" style. Common enough for WalMart to carry a couple of varieties here in Indiana
RE: Pickled watermelon 2003/05/06 22:16:14
It's different, a small size jar would be alright to find out,
But saving all your watermelon rinds after a large family picnic
to pickle your own is another story ... A little goes a long way, and it won't replace gerkins or Bread & Butter chips in the near future
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 11:54:57
Has anyone tried "Wickles" yet??  I just did and really like them.  They are like a kicked up bread and butter pickle.  Very good.
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 11:57:30

   I go through a jar a week !!! Everytime I open the fridge I nibble a couple... 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 12:01:18
I tell you, I'm not really a sweet pickle eater but these got me, I'll buy my first jar and most likely not my last today!
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 12:03:15
I'm not big on sweet picles either but these have just enough heat to make me crazy about them... I've even used them in tuna salad for sandwiches.
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RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 14:41:30
I love watermelon rind pickles, but you can,t find them at any stores in this area. Saturday. Valentines Day, we are going up to Lake Norman to eat at Linebergers Cattle Company and they always have them on their salad bar
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 15:11:31
I love pickled watermelon rind. Better than candy!
Captain Morgan
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RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/02/10 15:19:57
take a watermelon rind pickle, wrap it in prosciutto, bake
at 350 for about 15 minutes.

There's a new one for ya!
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RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/05/03 01:42:55
Do they taste like pickles, or like watermelon? I must admit, I'm a bit confused by this whole idea. I guess I just don't understand why you would want to eat the watermelon rind in the first place. What is the attraction of them? For those of you who have had them, are they better than regular pickles? Or just different?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/05/04 06:53:35
food4u -- to me, they don't taste like either pickles or watermelon.  They are small, irregular chunks of rind that are swimming in some kind sugared liquid, and have become very pale in color.  They must have cooked for a long time, as the edges are very soft.  To me, they were interesting and tasty, but nothing fantastic.  Around here we find them in a small jar in the pickle section, and that jar did last a long time in my fridge.  It just wasn't what I would reach for.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pickled watermelon 2009/05/04 07:49:20
I grew up eating them in Iowa, my Mom made them homemade, I don't think I've ever had a commercial brand.  I still make them myself if anyone wants a recipe.  I'm sure it's like every other family recipe, varies from family to family.  Ours is a sweet canning liquor spiced with cinnimon, clove, nutmeg.