Sweet Potato Balls

2004/11/23 09:57:46
I ran across this recipe and can't resist making some. I think the kids at our Thanksgiving will love them. Me too!!

From the Sugar Belt:
Form a ball around large marshmellow with mashed sweet potato and roll in sdredded coconut. This is done,of course,with slightly cooled sweet taters. You then broil the balls until brown and toasty. The center should be soft and melted.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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RE: Sweet Potato Balls 2004/11/26 09:55:24
I thought yuck , but when I mentioned it at Thenkgiving yesterday, more people said "Oh we should try that next year" than said "yuck". Let one of the people who actually want to eat it make it. If they do, maybe I will try just a little.....
RE: Sweet Potato Balls 2004/11/28 10:28:44
Let me tell you--the sweet potato balls were a big hit!!! Don't cook them too long or the center (marshmellow) will melt away.