Salt Lake Mexican

2004/12/03 18:32:14
Got back from Salt Lake for the holidays and got a chance to visit The Red Iguana. Very good. One of the better regional Mexican values in the country probably. Worth a stop if you're in town and love Mexican food. Would love to hear more about Mexican food in Salt Lake, especially taquerias, Red Iguana competitors, etc.

See my full report and lots of pics here:

Here's a pic of the mole amarillo:

RE: Salt Lake Mexican 2004/12/03 18:42:32
I am shocked that you were able to find a very good Mexican food in Salt Lake City. I was always under the impression that Utah didn't allow Mexicans to enter the state.
RE: Salt Lake Mexican 2004/12/03 18:49:07
Um, you'd be *way* wrong. Latinos, especially Mexicans, are by far the largest minority group in Utah, especially in Salt Lake and Provo. And with all the people who've travelled (on missions for their church), despite being such a white state, there's a strong acceptance of foreign foods. Salt Lake and Provo, from what I've seen driving through, seem ripe for exploration, especially in Mexican. These ethnic cuisines are where you're most likely to get great chow in Utah, it seems to me. I've heard there's a Thai restaurant in Provo that's as good as stuff in the bay area.
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RE: Salt Lake Mexican 2004/12/03 20:35:35

Stats from the SLC visitors center state that there are more Spanish-Speaking Members of the LDS Church than there are English-Speaking members. This is a world-wide statistic, not just for Utah or the U S A .

RE: Salt Lake Mexican 2004/12/03 20:54:58
Wouldn't surprise me. My wife's family is Mormon and of her brothers and sisters that have gone on missions, all but one went on a Spanish-speaking mission, and the other went on a Portuguese speaking mission to Brazil.
Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2009/12/17 07:36:21
Just to get back on topic for a minute...I lived around SLC for several years and can tell you that Red Iguana is definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country. I have eat Mexican food all over USA and I now live in Houston where there are so many Mexican/Texmex joints that they are becoming indistinguishable from one another. I guarantee that if the Iguana would pack up and open shop in the middle of all these places in Houston, people would sit up and take notice.
The Iquana is a true Mom & Pop run by the Cardenas Family. They have won many local awards as well as recognized by several National Food Magazines. Their menu and food is truly the standard that other Mexican restaurants should be measured.
Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2009/12/17 11:03:19
I'm delighted to read about someone else visiting the Red Iguana!  I used to teach part-time in a distance education program, and for several years I had the pleasure of traveling to SLC for classes.  My students insisted that we go to the Red Iguana for lunches, and I really enjoyed it.  We are fortunate in my town to have several excellent, locally-owned Mexican restaurants -- nice to find one in SLC.
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Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2010/04/22 13:06:25
I love Red Iguana.  Just a great place.  Lone Star Tacqueria is also excellent, if a bit more casual!
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Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2010/04/29 20:30:52
I like Red Iguana enough that I actually went there twice in one day a year ago when I was catching a flight out of SLC. 

Search for "offbeateats red iguana" for my review and pics. 
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Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2010/05/03 12:23:45
That mole looked good.Never had mole amarillo(yellow mole).
Most of what they have around here is the regular mole.
Seems to me that my dad once mentioned in  being in Salt Lake City,and going to a restaurant that served horse steaks and was run by koreans.This was way back when in the 40s or 50s.
The mention of thai food brought it to mind.
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Re:Salt Lake Mexican 2010/07/20 01:31:14

I love Red Iguana.  Just a great place.  Lone Star Tacqueria is also excellent, if a bit more casual!

Yes on both places!!!! Those are my 2 fav mexican places here. I am not from Utah, but really love it here, despite the fact that it is lacking in good food. lol

I'm sad, but not surprised, that there are still many misconceptions about Utah in general. It is a wonderful place to live, even if some of the people are clueless. lol