Arnold's in Nashville

Poverty Pete
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2004/12/06 22:41:07
Several friends and I had lunch today at Arnold's, one of Nashville's premier meat-and-three restaurants. I heard nothing but positive remarks about the green beans, pintos, mac-n-cheese, greens, fried chicken and roast beef. The only complaint was that a chicken quarter, leg and thigh, was too large. Go figure!
I would rate Arnold's as being in the same league as Swett's, Monell's and Sylvan Park. BTW, the new Sylvan Park location on 8th, is NOT as good as the original.
RE: Arnold's in Nashville 2004/12/07 00:54:02
Where in Nashville is this located?
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RE: Arnold's in Nashville 2004/12/08 10:58:38
I agree with Pete's assessment - Swett's, Arnold's & Sylvan Park are my top three. Note that Arnold's is lunch only and they don't have fried chicken every day. Several of my co-workers drive 20 minutes to eat lunch there once a week or so. Arnold's is downtown at 605 8th Ave S