Caspar's Hot Dogs

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/05/07 16:48:07
This place just came to Fresno, not sure if it's part of the Northern cali chain or not but here are my observations. The dogs themselves have a nice snap to em, and an unusual (paprika?) flavor, but they are tasty.. the chili served on em is embarrassing..some generic beany store chili that I wouldn't serve on a bet. They also serve a "real new york style frozen custard" that I have my doubts about.. I didn't know that New York was famous for frozen custard frankly, and I'm not even sure that this stuff IS custard.... as this place is a little bit out of my way, I don't think I'll visit there again.
Junior Burger
RE: Caspar's Hot Dogs 2003/05/07 18:46:56
Ahh, but NY is famous for frozen custard. In the Western part of the state at least. I lived in a suburb of Buffalo for about two years (its where my husband is from, and I am a So Cal native) I had never heard of the stuff before in my life. My take on it is a sort of soft serve ice cream. Nothing really custardy about it to me. I am not an expert on it by far though, I think I only tried it once. But custard stands are everywhere.
RE: Caspar's Hot Dogs 2003/05/09 19:24:06
Pure frozen custard taste ? One name - TED DREWES - that says it all!

Bumper Knowing Kopps and others are great but have not got there yet!