Indiana to Wyoming

Junior Burger
2003/05/08 09:54:49
We will probably be traveling along I-80. I would like suggestions WEST of Chicago. We like 'hometown' places that give one a sense of the community. Small town, no cities unless it's a 'have-to'. Thanks!
RE: Indiana to Wyoming 2003/05/08 10:05:23
Go to the White Way Restaurant in Durant Iowa for Thick Iowa Chops in mushroom gravy, huge and very diversere salad bar and Sour Cream Raisin Pie. I believe they are closed on mondays and only serve the Iowa Chops for dinner, however if you call ahead and they know you're coming in advance I believe you can reserve one or two for lunch. Also in Iowa stop at any maid rite chain for a loose meats sandwich or any Runza Chain in Nebraska for a Runza pocket. Runza's are ground beef, cabbage and onions in a bread pocket and are popular in Nebraska and Kansas. If you go as far as Cheyenne Wyoming I would also recommend Lexie's Cafe for breakfast. I believe there are a few Texas style BBQ places in Cheyenne, but I haven't been to any. You may want to check with the locals for recommendations.
RE: Indiana to Wyoming 2003/05/14 15:29:37
Bohemian Cafe in Omaha is a short hop south of I80. It's a
must stop, and Ole's Big game Steakhouse,, is a UNIQUE place not to be missed. If you get off the main exit in Grand Island there are a variety of local places. Same with Sidney. Another great place is the Cabelas outdoor store in Sidney.
You didn't say how far into Wyoming you were venturing, so it's hard to say without knowing that.
Junior Burger
RE: Indiana to Wyoming 2003/05/15 07:03:38
We are moving to Fort Washakie, near Lander. My husband's family is Bohemian so I guess the Bohemian Cafe is a must stop! Thanks!
RE: Indiana to Wyoming 2003/05/15 09:25:24
I'd suggest a trip to the Hamburg Inn in Iowa City. You won't be disappointed. They have great pork tenderloin sandwiches, and amazing omelettes. My sister's fave is the Iowa omelette, stuffed with hash browns and cheese. It's a classic, hole in the wall place that employs many students from the U of I. Great service, fun atmospere, and yummy food.

If you're not in a huge hurry, I'd suggest a trip a few miles north of Iowa City to a small town called Solon. Find a place called Joensey's and you're in for the best pork tenderloin sandwich of your life. Also probably the biggest! You can order a half, but it is a fun challenge to eat the whole thing. Simply delicious tavern food.

Also in Iowa City, you can find a great pizza at Pagliai's. Thin crust, not overly crispy, just delicious.

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Indiana to Wyoming 2003/05/15 10:31:55
If you want to check out(pun intended) the Czech stuff on your way out west...Do the Omaha stop already recommended and consider looking at Cedar Rapids Iowa. They have a "Czech Village" area in town that has all the food and misc. other things that would be found in a place where the first settler's were from the Czech/Slovak area. There is a Great Museum there also. You can really see the impact of the waves of immigration when you look at a map of Mid-America and see a 'belt' of Czech towns and names from the Mexican Border to Minnesota astride Interstate 35.
BTW Cedar Rapids has a 'Kolache Festival' in Mid-June at St.Ludmilla's Catholic Church...pick up 4 or 5 dozen of various flavors, still warm from the oven!!