DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV

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2005/01/07 20:17:10
Best pizza on Earth is Dicarlo's Pizza in Wheeling, WV (Elm Grove)
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/08 00:24:11
What in particular makes it so good? How is it different from some of the most well know pizzas around the country? What kind of crust? Is the sauce sweet, chunky? Any idea what kind of cheese is used? Is the best example of the best pizza a plain one, or with one particular topping, or any of their toppings? Is it eat in or carry out only? Can you be more specific with directions to their location and provide a phone number so one could call for their hours and days they are open?

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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/08 08:19:04
Here's what DiCarlos says:

Dicarlo's History

The Origins of Original Di Carlo's Pizza

For more than 50 years, Original Di Carlo's Pizza has had a long and proud tradition of providing a delicious pizza product. Primo Di Carlo decided he wanted to get in the pizza business when he served in the military during World War II. While stationed in Italy, he observed that the locals were creating a bread, tomato sauce and cheese concoction and selling it. He believed a similar concept would succeed in Wheeling.

When he returned from Italy, he and his brother Galdo adapted the Italian recipe. They opened the restaurant in 1949 and sold pieces of their pizza ­ which they called "poor man's cheesecake" ­ for 10 cents a slice. They helped to put pizza on the map in Wheeling. It has become so successful that when anyone in the Ohio Valley thinks of pizza, they automatically think of the Di Carlo's.

Today Galdo's three daughters, Caroline, Toni, and Anna, run the business. They are successfully taking the company into the future by not breaking one very important rule. Stick with tradition. They still use the same secret recipe their father created. They treasure this family heirloom and would never do anything to jeopardize it. Galdo fashioned the recipe for the "poor man's cheesecake" to his own liking. He was a large man and loved to eat. He had a magnetic personality and quick wit. He was even pals with Dean Martin, who also grew up in the Ohio Valley. His very organized wife Carmalina was the bookkeeper and secretary. Now Caroline and Anna concentrate on the accounting, franchising and overall management, while Toni focuses on operations. Together they are building on the legacy that their family created and carry it into a bright and prosperous future.

Here's what I say:

DiCarlo's is unlike any other pizza. It is done in big square trays of 16 slices per tray and sold by the piece or by the tray. The process of baking goes something like this: the dough is first baked in several different ovens,of varying degrees, the result being a very crisp bottom with a tender not so thick, not so thin top . The corner pieces are especially prized because of the outside crust, a consistency resembling ciabatta bread. Before the last baking, the sauce is applied and heated, it does not soak the crust, but instead remains a very distinct layer. The sauced crust is then removed and put in the box. Copious amounts of cheese and slices of pepperoni are added.(No need to order extra cheese on this pizza). The lid is slammed shut and the intense heat inside steams the cheese and pepperoni, causing it to become the stringy cheese that most desire, with the pepperoni tender and not hard baked. The FAVORED way to eat this pizza is by paying for it and rushing out to your car, loaded with napkins and pop and diving in before one leaves the parking lot. A full tray of pizza is currently running as a special(of several months duration) 1 tray with pepperoni and cheese, two orders of Cheese breadsticks(best in the business with accompaniments of pizza sauce and homemade herbed garlic parmesean butter), and a two litre bottle of soda/pop for 12.99. They have recently opened a branch here in Morgantown and it's one of the most coveted pizzas around. The flagship original store is in Elm Grove, a suburb of Wheeling , West Virginia, and has 3 or 4 other locations in the Wheeling area, the Elm Grove one being considered the Queen of the group. Access to the Elm Grove store is an easy jump off 1-70.

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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/09 02:18:16
Thanks for the great detail. I wish I would have known about this place last year when I passed thru Wheeling several times. Now no trips on the drawing board that will take me close.
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/09 05:26:51
Red't, are they open on Sundays? I can't wait for July and my trip to Cincy so that I can try this place out.

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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/11 04:34:51
Sorry, but the DiCarlos in Wellsburg (north of wheeling by about 20 miles) destroys the Wheeling shops and all other local shops for that matter. The cheese is ground into an almost rice like consistency and the crust is always crisper. I've never talked to a person in the tri-area that disagreed.

523 Commerce St, Wellsburg, WV 304-737-9849

(it doesnt really pay to order ahead as you wont get it any faster due to the crowd)
RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/11 08:03:26
I was in Wheeling at Thanksgiving last year for a family gathering and for the annual Festival of Lights at Oglebay Park. We ate at, and enjoyed, Zien's very much, but unfortunately, we didn't know about this place. I guess we'll just have to go again next year!
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/01/12 00:13:23
Originally posted by MikeSh

Red't, are they open on Sundays? I can't wait for July and my trip to Cincy so that I can try this place out.


Mike, I just read that the Wheeling Dicarlos is open 7 days a week from lunch to late night, but it doesnt list the exact hours. The Wellsburg shop (my preference)is only open Monday through Saturday from 5:00pm to 01:00am I believe. Since you'll more than likely hit the Wheeling shop, here's a little link with the phone numbers and such.

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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/03/22 14:51:45
I agree with all of you DiCarlos-lovin' folks out there!!

I grew up in Virginia, but my mom was from Moundsville. Every year, we'd go back to west virginia (take me home, country roads) and pig out at DiCarlos 'till we could pig out no more!!
We'd stock up on Pepsi, buy a bunch of boxes of DiCarlos, then eat right there in the parking lot!

I've met the managers of several stores and have told them how awesome their pizza is! I even have my own DiCarlos pizza shirt (thanks dad!).

I'm experimenting with the sauce recipe now so that I can eat it here in Virginia. We only go back to wv every few years now, which is NOT enough DiCarlos in my book!

I heard that you can guy the sauce in Krogers grocery store. Anyone heard that before?
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/04/23 10:40:23
Can you tell me where it's possible to buy frozen DiCarlos Pizza to get delivered to the house? Or to buy to take home? And where do you find DiCarlos Pizza t-shirts to purchase?
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/04/23 13:55:15
Barbie, I would suggest that you call DiCarlos for the most accurate answers to your questions.
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/04/24 05:30:18
Barbie, I think you can buy frozen square DiCarlo pizza's in the area grocery stores around the northern West Virginia area that i live in, but they are not the same. They cook and taste like the frozen pizza's you would buy at a little league concession stand. Not the same at all.

as for the t-shirts,,,,I know a few employees that work in our area DiCarlo's. if you'd like, I could probably see if i could get you a few or at least inquire about them.
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RE: DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2005/06/11 21:45:25
DICARLOS RULES!! Oh my God. Have lived in Florida for 18 years and my mouth is drooling as I type. We go back to THE WEIRTON DiCarlos when we visit family, we really just go for the pizza, not the family and just as everyone says, buy the tray, grab the Pepsi and eat it in the parking lot. We also bring back a box with us on the plane and from security to the flight attendants they all want it. You can order a frozen "kit" from the Wheeling store to bake your own DiCarlos. Have never done it before but we are dying to try. Long Live DiCarlos! (And Coleman's Fish) That's a whole other story...
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Re:DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2008/12/27 19:15:13
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Re:DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2008/12/27 19:19:51
ok GUYS.   I have the recipe for DiCarlos Pizza and Crust.....I have made it with one of the owners.   The Flagship was at 14th and Main Street but was moved to 12th and Market across from the McClure Hotel.  I will share if you are interested.   The Elm Grove store was started in the 80's or 90's.  The Main street store was there in the 50's when we inhaled it.
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Re:DiCarlos- Wheeling, WV 2010/12/12 05:54:58
The one in Moundsville used to be OK, now I think it sucks.
They have lost me as a customer.
The old store in Moundsville, they always had a nasty attitude too.
I never really saw what was the big deal with there pizza anyhow in general, I mean it's alright, but nothing the way people make such a big deal out of it. I think Vocellies is better.
Thanks, Tony