Best Doughnuts

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Big Sausage
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/03 13:05:57
My mothers home made donuts, they use to sit in your stomach like a lead ball for a couple of day's.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/12 14:59:09
White's bakery has the best long john's I've ever had. It could be the childhood memories of going there with my grandparents growing up, but I went back a few years ago and they were still great. It's in White's grocery story located in Bloomfield, IN.
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/12 16:28:12
Fractured Prune is opening in Dupont, Circle, Washignton DC.

I have some memories of Montgomery Doughnuts on Rockville Pike. Are they still there?

Also, there is a doughnut shop that operates out of a bar near the Library of Congress. They had very fresh doughnuts and decent toppings / icing.

RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/12 17:02:23
The doughnuts at the restaurant at the top of Pikes Peak are also good.
Funny looking, but really good!
Helluva drive to get one!
Its the drive up and down that isn't..
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/13 12:59:34
Originally posted by Michael Stern

I love New England's cake donuts, compared to which all others seem so insignificant. Here's one on the counter of the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington, VT:

That photo ~ now that's a donut! Blue Benn's are the best donuts ever. Just a little hint of nutmeg...mmmm! Mrs. Murphy's in Manchester VT are my second favorite...the cinnamon/sugar ones.
Freebird T Park
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/14 14:39:46
A orange Round Rock. Round Rock, Tx
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/14 15:04:13
In NYC, I like Cupcake Cafe's doughnuts:
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/19 23:06:55
Originally posted by corabeth

Long's Bakery in Indianapolis has wonderful donuts. If you come to Indy for the races (Indy 500, NASCAR, or Grand Prix), the bakery is east of the Indianpolis Speedway on E 16th St on the south side of the street

The original Long's is in Southport IN (a small town within Indy), on Southport Road a few blocks east of Madison Ave. I grew up eating their pastries. Years later in other cities and towns, I would get doughnuts or other pastries, and wondered why they weren't as good as I remembered them as a kid. Was back in Indy in July and we stopped there. Everything is still wonderful, and now I know that Long's is the best bakery I've had a chance to visit.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/22 10:37:44
my favorite donuts in the world are at congdon's donuts and restaurant in wells, maine. right on route one.
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/22 14:39:01
Originally posted by roossy90

The doughnuts at the restaurant at the top of Pikes Peak are also good.
Funny looking, but really good!
Helluva drive to get one!
Its the drive up and down that isn't..

Just found a photo of them....
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/22 23:49:34
The best donuts ever that is the measuring stick in the Western New York area was Freddie's Donuts at Main & Michigan in downtown Buffalo. They were open 24 hours a day and they were the best donuts ever. Sadly, Freddie passed away and his two children closed the shop down.

Rob Smith Jr
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/26 12:47:49
Wow! Where are the Krispy Kreme defenders? I'll certainly jump in! Yes, they've gotten smaller, more expensive and in some ways sold out. But whatta eating experience! Krispy Kreme still my very favorite!

Best memory of experiencing a Krispy Kreme was being at a conference at the World Trade Center way away from my Florida home. There was the Krispy Kreme store on teh ground floor to make me feel confortable and at home.

That memory was the first I had a year and a few months later on September 11th watching the tragedy. I didn't remember much of the conference or walking all over the buildings. I remembered then and now that Krispy Kreme doughnut I enjoyed as I walked the concourse back to the conference.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/26 13:46:01
My brother and myself were up early on a thanksgiving morning and went for krispy kremes. They had a special dozen free when you purchased a dozen. When we returned we had a full dozen and our wives complemented us on our restaint. I can't drive past the serving hot sign.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/09/27 15:56:29
That is for sure....when they are hot, KKs can't be beat. For me, they are an hour drive, and Butlers (Westport Mass) isn't that much further. I have not been eating any donuts recently, but if I make a roadtrip, KK or Butlers will be a tossup. I have not been to Butlers since the ownership change. To get back on Rob's subject though, this fat boy will defend KK....
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/10/02 16:10:00
Best doughnuts I ever had was a tie.

First was on a fishing trip to Quebec, Canada in a little town near the Baskatong Reservoir. Big white shack with a row of metal baskets in front, fryers in back. The cooks shook out the hot doughnuts, then loaded them with cinnamon sugar while they were still wet with oil. You bought however many you want and they went into a brown paper sack that soon went opaque with the heat and moistness of the goods within.

Second was a doughnut much the same, to my surprise, at Wall Drug Store in South Dakata. Fresh and hot, with great black coffee. They melted in your mouth.

I can still taste those doughnuts, they were so great and hot!

- Rusty
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/10/03 09:18:33
The best doughnuts I have ever had were at Butler's in Westport, MA with Allie's in North Kingston, RI not too far behind.

I admit to being a snob when it comes to doughnuts and thinking that all the best are in New England. But, I sure was impressed with the ones I ate at Top Pot in Seattle.
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/10/05 04:39:43
Are there no other Roadfooders that have eaten the famed and bizarre looking doughnuts at the top of the mountain?
Oh. come on.. Am I the only roadfoodie that has had a mis shapen fried dough product at 14,110'???
(No one else here has had a Pikes Peak doughnut?.. come on Pxwings.. you live not that far away, and you have not done the Pike's Peak drive?-Florida girl has done it twice!)
(Eaten While overlooking a vast exspanse of this great America?...)
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/10/10 11:48:10
After comparing Top Pot in Seattle which I will admit is a close #2, especially the Bavarian Cremes which I do curls with to build my biceps before eating them, I am pleased to report that NYC (which of course has the best of everything food or otherwise) still reigns supreme at the Donut Plant.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/10/21 17:33:59
I am not sure if anyone mentioned Mel-O-Cream donuts in Springfield, IL. YUM YUM.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Doughnuts 2006/11/01 21:36:28
Talked about it elsewhere so I gotta repeat it here. World's Best Donuts in Grand Marais MN, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Get yourself a granulated sugar and a cake, a good coffee, and go stand on the pebbly beach and eat your breakfast. Just don't stick your toes in the water; it's freezing. Or a raspberry filled Long John, and peruse the pictures under plastic on the tables--people take their WBD coffee mugs to various sites around the world and take pictures to send back.

I don't know about the long-term domination of Krispy Kreme in the Carolinas but that's what I always blamed our relative lack of mom-and-pop donut shops on. It's really hard in particular to find a good plain cake doughnut anywhere around here.

Here's an idea though. A friend and I were recently eating a McCormick and Schmick's cinnamon bread pudding, which is pretty much bread pudding made with cinnamon rolls? And he looks at me and says, what if you made this with slightly stale Krispy Kreme donuts? At which suggestion I yelped. So I'll have to keep y'all posted if we try that out.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2007/10/22 23:33:34
Spalding's Bakery in Lexington, KY, has doughnuts so good, people will stand in line for a couple HOURS to get them.

I have never had their equal, let alone anything better.

They're handmade, so no two have quite the same shape, and they've been using the same recipe since the 1940's. Spalding's glazed doughnuts cannot be improved upon.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2007/10/23 10:37:21
Ye gods, those donuts look incredible! And my stomach's already rumbling...

We had cinnamon-sugar and chocolate-covered old-fashioneds from Dottie's Diner in Woodbury, CT last weekend; somehow the icing was sooo chocolatey and smooth...unbelievably good!
RE: Best Doughnuts 2007/12/08 10:31:19
Originally posted by Tony Bad

They are one of the reasons I enjoy visiting my in-laws in Springfield!
How about Lard Lad? I know of some who swear by them...
Junior Burger
RE: Best Doughnuts 2007/12/11 20:11:48
The Donut Connection (chain) makes a donut filled with swiss chocolate. I'm sure other places make them too, but I haven't run across any. I need to experiment and learn to make my own one day!
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