Boston Market

2005/01/14 20:18:18
With all the closings of a bunch of Boston Markets,I was wondering if any of them started to sell Fried Chicken.I seen a big banner at a Boston Market in Newark NJ about 6 years ago that said"coming soon Fried Chicken" But it was the only one I ever seen that had that banner.I liked Boston Market when it first opened up,and they were all busy but most fizzled out.Same with most Kenny Rogers Roasters,good concept that fizzled out.I remember reading an article that said that most Boston Markets lost money,that all the money that was made, was made on its stock,which was hyped up in the beginning,but later crashed.Having owned a Chicken and rib joint myself,that also sold flame roasted rotisserie chicken,I can tell you we sold 50 times more fried chicken than rotisserie chicken.Do you think Boston Market would have done better if they also offered fried chicken,and BBQ ribs?