Roadhouse USA

Junior Burger
2005/01/18 23:12:13
Absolutely the best steak I have ever had was at the Roadhouse USA just off I-65 in Scottsburg, IN. They have big fluffy, fresh baked rolls (with regular butter or cinnamon butter), crisp salad and the good selection of sides and a variety of steaks. My personal favorite is the Filet of Tenderloin of Beef, cooked medium rare. Absolutely melts in your mouth and the flavor is out of this world. Sides include baked potato, baked sweet potato (served with cinnamon butter), green beans, sauteed garden vegetables, cottage cheese and sauteed mushrooms. They serve a chopped steak called I-65 Roadkill and have non-steak entrees such as salmon. They are open every day except Monday (they only have groups there that day). If you are ever in that area I would recommend Roadhouse USA highly.