Beef Crown Ribs

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2005/01/21 23:58:49 (permalink)

Beef Crown Ribs

Hello all,
Has anyone ever heard of Beef Crown Ribs? I have read that they are beef ribs with a big piece of prime rib attached to the end of each rib. I asked my local meat cutter, and he looked at me like I was from Mars. He wouldn't even let me special order them.
Has anyone ever tried them? They sound sublime.

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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2005/01/22 01:54:17 (permalink)
    A few years ago I ate "Crown Prime Rib Short Ends" at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas City. They were very good but not cheap. Their carry out menu has them listed at $23.00 per order.
    Scott -- DFW
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2005/01/24 12:37:52 (permalink)

    "Beef Crown Ribs" aren't a type of rib, which is why the butcher probably didn't understand. What you're wanting is a rib roast. A "crown rib roast" involves arranging the rib roast (with the bones left in) in a circle, with the bones pointed upwards (hence "crown"). That preparation is seen more often with lamb or pork. (A full beef rib roast weighs over 15 pounds.)

    keef richards
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2005/02/05 18:03:19 (permalink)
    you are proably looking for something a butcher won't cut because he would lose money. buy a prime whole i thin it is 10-12 bones cut your ribs of and bone and roll the rest. i would tie it becuse the under side woul be all meat. or cook the whole thing cut it off the bone a little high and leave nice amount of meat on ribs
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2013/02/08 17:17:00 (permalink)
    Actually, it is a specialty plate at Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City.  It might be other places as well.  The "Crown Prime Beef Rib" is the last rib on the rack (small end) and is of prime grade.  The rib is BBQ'd separate from the rest of the rack and is absolutely divine.

    It's on the menu still:
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2013/02/16 14:55:00 (permalink)
    I have had the Jack Stack "Crown Prime Beef Ribs" many times and love them.  My experience is that they are simply a really nice chuck rib, not the ribs of of a standing rib roast (prime or otherwise).  I do often buy a standing rib roast and cut the bones off to roast separately and they are not the same as the "Crown Prime Beef Ribs".  Here is what the menu from Jack Stack says...
    "CROWN PRIME BEEF RIBS   The ultimate barbecue experience featuring three well-marbled beef short ribs that will melt in your mouth"
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2013/02/22 14:57:05 (permalink)
    I love the Crown Prime Beef Ribs.  A friend of mine came out to the Kansas City area 11 years ago and I picked him up from the airport and stopped at the Jack's Stack BBQ in Overland Park on our way to his hotel.  I offered him one of my ribs, and at first he was reluctant because he said beef ribs are usually too dry.
    Try this, I said.
    He did.  And he loved them so much, he got an order of his own.  I stopped by there and got an order to go on the  day he was leaving town.  To this day, he still remembers, talks and loves those Crown Prime Beef Ribs. 
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2013/02/22 15:47:06 (permalink)
    Did one for a party many many years ago and everyone loved it. My partner has now been a vegetarian for many years and I am on the verge but it's a pleasant memory
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    RE: Beef Crown Ribs 2013/02/22 17:57:24 (permalink)
    When you do a Pork or Lamb Crown Roast your working with a small girth in the meat, making it easier to form and try the ends. If some one wants to do something like this, have the butcher cut the chine and feather bones off of a bone-in prime rib. This will let you carve all the down the bone, serve each person a bone-in prime rib dinner. I have my butcher do this to my prime rib...........................You can also do this with a bone-in pork loin, when you have them cut the bone off, you can make cut pocket between the ribs, then stuff and roast. You can then cut each person a stuffed pork chop off the roast as needed..............pnwc
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