A Hot Dog Seller's Story

Junior Burger
2005/01/24 05:29:00
It wasn't planned. There was no great strategy...just a phone call. "Do you know anyone who has a hotdog stand in the UK?" 4 weeks later and a facilime of a hotdog stand on these green & fertile fields and I was in the hotdog business. I didn't let the university degree nor my Dad's concern over money not well spent on education deter me from The Hot Dog Business. It started without any serious knowledge of what I was doing or where it was going. One Little League Baseball Tournament (organized baseball in the UK!) and £600.00 later (for a Saturday) and we were on our way to Hot Dog Heaven. What a great time! Great dogs, great game, great people (except for Major League Baseball International's organizers) and money in the pocket with loads of "Thanks, great dogs". It was like Vegas in a bun. I couldn't lose. Oh, except for the small factor of "you seem to be making too much money, we want our share". Hmmm, their share? We were supplying a service on an empty field (the UK doesn't spend much money on "luxuries"...a dirty toilet (no paper-key issue)...cold water only, a helpful council employee who's claim to fame was "they don't pay me enough" followed by the immortal answer to any question - FOff). Still, we ended up doing the 8 tournaments on the schedule. Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, Yanks, South Africans and of course the English. Added beer, coffee, tea (important item that I just don't get), muffins, sweets for a complete American Day Out at the Game. Pretty all incompassing I'd say. No! we want: fresh fruit, yoghurt, breakfast (two eggs fried, beans, canned tomato, unbelieveably bad sausage (dead cat, maybe) and fried toast. I kid you not. Energy drinks, coke, diet coke, something called Lucosade? My English clientele offered this helpful hint: "What else do you do?" Well, we have magic show, lap dancing, a taffy pull, Mardi Gras Parade, alligator sausage, jambalya, tap dancing and a public hanging all for the price of a german frankfurter on steamed bun topped with ketchup, onion, mustard (American) and grated cheddar (English). Nah, not good enough, mate. Still, we figured we were the best darn hotdog business (American) in this United Kingdom.

More to come
RE: A Hot Dog Seller's Story 2005/01/24 05:52:02
Great! I can't wait to hear more! What kind of dogs do you use?
Filet Mignon
RE: A Hot Dog Seller's Story 2012/12/11 21:38:20
Eight years ago, Portofcall aka Skip and I were both vending hot dogs off a cart. Skip was in the UK, I was in Wisconsin. We became friends and when he returned to Chicago, we met to discuss what the future would bring to us in the world of encased meats. Skip opened a very successful hot dog stand in New Orleans known as Dat Dog and will soon be opening additional restaurants.  I opened Hot Dog University and partnered with Vienna Beef in Chicago. There really is life after a hot dog cart.