IL, Smoked Meats & Sauages

Junior Burger
2005/01/26 12:28:33
We also in Illinois and when ever possible we go and load up at

Ream's Elburn Market, Inc
Elburn, Il

They specilize in award winning smoked meats & sauages.
Howard Baratz
RE: IL, Smoked Meats & Sauages 2005/01/26 15:59:51
My in-laws live in neighboring Kaneville, IL so I have had the pleasure of trying lots of fine meats from the Elburn Market. Their house-made Smoked Bratwurst is an absolute knockout.
Filet Mignon
RE: IL, Smoked Meats & Sauages 2005/01/27 09:31:03
I live in the area too and have brats from Reams. They also dress deer and I have had their venison jerky, very moist and tasty. Also well known in thew area is the Wurst Kitchen in Aurora. They specialize in Euro-old world type sausages but have good brats that they sell at fairs and markets around Aurora during the summer. I understand they have opened a 2nd shop in Sandwich, Il. I believe they have been around 90+ years.