Reisman Pretzels

2005/01/30 17:13:50
My wife and I LOVED eating Resiman pretzel rods when we still lived in New Jersey, prior to moving to TN in 1992. But, very sadly, around that same time the Reisman Pretzel Company went belly-up. I just did a search online and came across a posting showing a currently produced bag of Reisman Pretzel Thins. It appears that the Reisman name has been sold and the Keystone Pretzel Bakery is making and/or distributing them now.

Does anyone know anything about this new version of Reisman's? Are they as good as the originals (i.e. - are they using the old Reisman recipe?). Or is Keystone (or another company) just baking their own product and putting the Reisman name on the bag?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Reisman Pretzels 2005/01/31 20:39:08
I live in n.e. penna, i will check them out in the store soon.
RE: Reisman Pretzels 2005/02/09 13:53:20
I called the Keystone Pretzel Bakery Company and asked them about Resiman's. They said they now own the company name and put out the current Reisman products. But sadly, they are not using the old Reisman recipes for the pretzels. The Reisman products they put out are the same pretzel recipe as their Keystone product.

Junior Burger
RE: Reisman Pretzels 2005/08/14 16:05:57
Was Reisman the company that had those really really thin pretzel sticks that came in a box about3"x5"? We miss them...
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RE: Reisman Pretzels 2005/09/20 19:27:44
Thats the problem other companys buy out other snack companys for the name only and use their recipes. In othe rpost I have read thats what happened to the Chunky Bar,etc.
RE: Reisman Pretzels 2005/09/20 20:26:30
Ever tried Happy Herberts Handmade Penn Dutch Pretzels?
Aro Salzstangen?
Pennysticks multi grain pretzel nuggets??
Because neither have I....
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RE: Reisman Pretzels 2011/02/07 14:25:32
Mom used to buy Reisman or Bachman pretzels back in the 60's.  My aunt also had Charles Chips & Pretzels delivered, (they were great).  Charles went out of business in 1992 and sold the name, not the receipe, to a Pa. company.   Readers say "they are not the same"  Bachman must have been sold also and the co. changed the receipe because even brand new, they always taste stale.  I contacted Bachman about the "freshness guarantee"  Their PR dept gave me a song and dance and sent a coupon for a free bag.  Shove it, Bachman, your prtezels suck.  I've tried all the national and many local brands. I don't think there is a decent snack pretzel on the market. 
Any suggestions?
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Re:Reisman Pretzels 2011/02/07 19:51:32
Re:Reisman Pretzels 2011/02/07 21:06:20
Yes, Snyder's of Hanover...or anything with the Herrs name on it is great...a chip company that also makes great pretzels